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This weekend, the Jehovah's Witnesses were out in my neighborhood, full force. The problem, I live in a private neighborhood, where it clearly says "No Solicitations" at all entrances.

So, I had my boyfriend, a former JW himself go out and distract them while I called security to have them removed.

They were told by maintinence to leave, so they loaded up their van and literally drove up about a block away, and continued, in our neighborhood to go door-to-door, even after they were told they they were trespassing.

I followed them and told them to go home. They spouted crap about the Supreme Court and I spouted crap about private property.

I proceeded to follow them around telling them to leave until they left my neighborhood.

Obnoxious, yes. Satisfying, oh yes.

I know they just went on to another neighborhood to peddle their beliefs, but it made me just plain happy to have them feel even more unwelcome then usual. Especially after being told to leave, then not actually, you know, leaving. Apparently, our neighborhood has sent them letters telling them they aren't allowed to come to our area, but every year or so, they come back, only to get kicked out again. It's insidous and wrong.

Hey, if the Supreme Court says they can go door to door, then can I follow them with a huge sign saying "WARNING, JWS AHEAD, DON'T ANSWER YOUR DOOR" ?

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Lol, nice blog.

Lol, nice blog. Smiling

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The perfect way to get rid

The perfect way to get rid of JWs is to tell them that you are "disfellowshipped".  (Maybe your boyfriend already knows this.)  That means you used to be a JW and aren't any more.  From what I understand, they aren't allowed to associate with you in any way and most probably will flee from you.
Maybe everyone in your neighborhood should put a little sign on their front door with that word on it.  Smiling

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