Weaving god

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A little entry.. seeing as I am new here,I thought I'd put something in here so as to not waste this wonderful space. This isn't really finished but who cares.

-The Weaving Hands of…

The power of Christ compels you,
The power of Christ dispels you,
The power of Christ expels you…

You, who are of the herd mentality,
You, who needs eventuality,
Ye, who heeds the call of blind duality,
He, who feeds on false morality,

We, who fight the chains of the mythical weaving hands
Take a firm stand
On the alter
Of the outer fringes of society
Morality does exist beyond his hands
The power of truth gives shape to the sand
An ancient text is not proof, and it is not truth

Pain is the truth he seeks to bury
But pain is joy
And you must enjoy
Every aspect of the soul (mind)
And accept that it is we

Who weave on this earth.