Victoria Soto died protecting her students

There are a few stories about the amazing teachers who died protecting the lives of their students.  I just wanted to take a moment to honor her.

This is Victoria Soto born 11/04/85. She was killed protecting her students in Newtown. She made her children hide in closets and in the bathroom and in doing so put herself in harms way. I will remember her and I honor her courage and dedication to the well being of her students. And unlike the person who I found out about this story from, I refuse to use her story to make a political point.  I believe she deserves to be honored simply for what she has done.  Her bravery goes above and beyond the call of duty.  

Here is a snippet from the news:

Miss Soto, who had taught at the school for five years was described by one of her deeply distraught 10-year-old pupils as ‘really nice and funny’, was trying to shield her students and usher them into a closet when she came face-to-face with the gunman.
Miss Soto’s cousin, Jim Wiltsie, said: “She put herself between the gunman and the children and that’s when she was tragically shot and killed.

“I’m just proud that Vicki had the instincts to protect her kids from harm. It brings peace to know that Vicki was doing what she loved, protecting the children and in our eyes she’s a hero," he added.
Jacob Riley added that Miss Soto liked to chew gum in class – something not usually allowed for teachers. He said he often teased her about her habit – and she playfully teased him back.


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I will honor her

I will remember her.


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No matter the situation in

No matter the situation in cases of sudden life threatening situations, one can only ponder the selflessness in awe when Victoria, and those of her ilk do such things.


Victoria, By Brian37



Even without such event

She deserves

For teachers build our future


But Victoria went beyond

Faced a Bushmaster

Thinking of the tender

Put her body between


As Sandy Hook

Rightfully grieves

Victoria is a memory

Of the ultimate compassion


It is rare bravery

Most cannot fathom

If we ever ended

In the same position


To formulate a sentence

Much less these prose

To express our gratitude

There are no words



You did what most could not

And from all of us

"Hero" falls way too short






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