Vacation is nice...

Let me preface this by saying I have nothing prophetic or of importance to talk about in this blog. In fact this entry may define everything I don't like about blogs. They tend to be over personal and contain a bunch of shit nobody really cares about. When I read a blog I want to hear about issues of substance and importance. It seems some blogs end up being about the new xbox game that someone got, or what they had for dinner, and who they're going out with tommorrow. Those blogs annoy me. Well they don't really "annoy" me, but their virtually useless, and not worthy of my time. With that said, allow me to waste one more minute of your time....

I'm on vacation this week. I think it's a much needed one (I really don't know), although I miss home already. My family (girlfriend, myself, her son, and my son) is not wealthy, and because of this I find it hard to enjoy myself the way I think one should on a "vacation." My girlfriend begs me to go at least once a year, and she pays for a large portion of it so I justify it that way. I still feel like we get here and there is nothing to do within a reasonable price range and that just lounging around a hotel is a complete waste of time. We'll get plenty of swimming in and several rounds of golf, but there is still lots of dead time. Many of you know, I keep my nose to the grindstone in RRS business over 12 hours a day, if it wasn't that, it would be something else. I'm a workaholic, I need to work for satisfaction in my day. And with that said, I missed it today. And I'll be missing it all week, I miss the cats, I miss my chair, I miss my desktop pc, but don't feel bad for me. Please don't feel bad for me, this isn't a cry for help, merely the inner workings of my brain.

I'm sitting on a balcony right now on the 4th floor of a nice hotel overlooking the ocean. I think that is where I'll find my happiness today. I'll find happiness in the extra time I'm spending with my son, and he seems to be loving it. In fact, maybe this vacation isn't as much for me as it is for him. And I can live with that, I'm happy with that. He deserves that, and I need to give it to him... clearly I work too hard.

So with that said, I've got my laptop and a hotel with wireless internet. I'll be checking in as often as my family will let me. I really call the shots around here, I just say that to be nice. Sticking out tongue Expect to see very little out of me this week, and expect a recharged, full steam ahead Sapient next week.

I concede the point race to Shizzle this week. Eye-wink (I should still have no problem beating the rest of RRS in that category though. Sticking out tongue)

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It's great you're spending

It's great you're spending time with your family, I hope you have a great time! I remember when I was a kid and my family went camping on the bank of the Columbia river for several of our vacations (it didn't cost us much, so it was a good idea). I remember sitting on the bank with my dad and watching the barges to by, or the famous Queen of the West. I've never been on that boat, but when I was a kid I used to talk to my dad about how cool I thought it would be to walk around on it. Take care Sapient. Smiling

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I don't think you'll ever

I don't think you'll ever catch up to Mattshizzle hahahahaha have fun deserve it...

Eventually he'll want to us

Eventually he'll want to us those points to purchase items in our upcoming store. I'll have no need to buy anything. Evil MUHAHAHA

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wait, we will be using

wait, we will be using points to purchase items in the upcoming store? I didnt know that. But anyhoo, have a grand vacation, after making this site you deserve it. I only have one question for you.... at the hotel... is the food good? ha

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Vacation? What's a

Vacation? What's a vacation? Eye-wink

It seems some blogs end up being about the new xbox game that someone got, or what they had for dinner, and who they're going out with tommorrow.

I had a pork chop.

Have a grand time with your vacation. Take a nap. Eat too much. Just be a slug for a bit.


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