Totally Pissed.

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A sperm cell is alive -- is birth-control then abortion by the millions?

A fetus is not a human being. A human being can survive the environment of earth on their own. They eat and digest raw food. They breath oxygen with their own lungs and abdominal muscles, and, most of all, THEY AREN'T DEPENDANT ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING FOR ALL OF THESE PROCESSES.

If you want to get technical, a fetus is a PARASITE. It's relationship to it's host is a non-reciprocal one, consisting of taking nutrients and resources from the human it lives in, and offering nothing in return.

Look, just because I am pro-rights doesn't mean I am pro-abortion. I don't personally condone the practice, but I am NOT A FASCIST. I don't condone christianity, but do you see me trying to pass legislation to make it illegal to wear a cross? Of course not. I am a tolerant person, who understands that the sheep need their pacifier. That is the problem with you christians -- if you don't agree with something, you go on a fucking crusade to make sure NOBODY ever does it again. Homosexuality? Christians are pushing legislation that would make homosexuals second-class citizens, simply based on who they like to penetrate. Abortion? The church not only doesn't condone it, but christians are doing their damndest to make sure noone ever has an abortion ever again, under any circumstances. Euthenasia? Sorry, too bad you have terminal cancer, and you have been reduced to a shit and piss factory that lives in agony, you don't get to kill yourself. Why? Because of the bible.

I am sick and tired of the same bullshit, illogical, unsupported crap from the christian community in this country.
'God is love!'
'Any sex but married and missionary is evil'
'Evolution is just a theory'
'God knows all, but we have free will'
'Satan is always trying to tempt you'
'It's not a religion, it's a relationship'
'Us christians are soooo persecuted'
'Public education teaches Atheism'
'No one is born gay'
'There is nothing wrong with prayer in school'
'The founding fathers were christian'
'Humanity is sinful, evil, and totally unworthy of respect'
'Christians are morally superior to non-christians'
'The end times are nigh!'
'Harry Potter and the DaVinci Code should be boycotted'
'I have faith so strong, that no rational argument or empirical evidence will ever change my mind'

When is this shit going to stop? It is unamerican to behave this way, not to mention infantile and intellectually and morally wrong. What's that? You are a christian and you don't feel this way about suicide, abortion, and us fags? Great -- get off your ass and tell the other bible-thumpers to shut the fuck up please. The apathy of the so-called 'religious moderates' is the cause of all the silent consent to the theological fascism in this country.
I am sorry that this is so abrasive, but it is so painfully obvious to the educated, intellectual, rational community that the dumb are getting dumber in this country, that it is hard not to shout. It's like watching a 5-year-old try and figure out 2+2 for DAYS AT A TIME. At a certain point, you simply tell them 'Four! Two plus two is four, goddamnit!', and then they tell you that you are wrong, because they 'believe' it's 5, and 'nothing you can say will change their mind.'

No longer sveldt, we aught to punch new holes in the bible belt.