Tom Cruise and the "Jesus Meme"

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Tom Cruise and the "Jesus Meme"

By Rook Hawkins

In a recent wave of the viral media expose, Tom Cruise and the now infamous Scientology Indoctrination video (you should definitely watch the video before reading the rest of this), which has been systematically been removed from the net where ever the Scientologists have found them. What is the most interesting part of the video is not the maniacal laughter and psychotic expressions Cruise gives throughout the video, it is the way Cruise is portrayed by the film directors of the video itself.

What do I mean? Consider: Rhythmic Mission Impossible theme in the background, black turtleneck (sweater?), fancy director cuts at specific points as if to enhance Cruise's obviously vague and incomprehensible dialog. And who can forget the Cruise montage at the end of the film? The clear intent of the video is not to promote Scientology - because Cruise does not present any argument for it, at least not any that are coherent. He certainly doesn't seem like he has even thought the points out enough, stumbling through sentences worse than George Bush without a teleprompter (okay, even with the prompter he sucks). No, the point of the movie is about raising up Tom Cruise. Like a hero just coming back from storming the beaches of Normandy, or saving the world from a terrorist organization, or sliding across the hardwood floor in his underwear - or whatever, Cruise comes across like the coming Messiah. Nothing short of that hilarious South Part Scientology episode if you ask me.

It's an interesting phenomena that seems to happen in all religions when a so-called high-status symbol joins the rank. How interesting is it that Cruise, like Jesus, is highlighted in this way? Or better yet, I like to think of Cruise as part of this meme that is so prevalent in Christianity. Consider the list of characters, starting with the early saints who supposedly preformed all of these miracles, which usually upstaged Jesus in almost every way. Consider St. Genevieve who, as explained by Richard Carrier on the Secular web, not only healed the sick and calmed storms, but righted eleven ships that capsized by simply praying, or when she ordered a tree to be cut down, several monsters came forth and breathed toxic gases on men who stood around for hours. Or what about the story of Simon Magus, who was so powerful he could fly (or float) in the air and also cured the sick and preformed miracles? But it doesn't stop there.

A look at the evangelists of Christianity will bring this concept of the "Jesus meme" to life.

These evangelicals are 'ministering' to millions of people. And when I say 'ministering', I mean lying to them. But that is perhaps for another blog entry. People come to them for guidance, receive a psychological comfort from them, even participate in fake "healings" where they are trained how to behave and act, all while giving a portion of their income to them. Which, if your Dr. Dino (You're a fucktard, aren't you Kent?) , all of that income is going to God. By the way, Kent, what exactly is God's mailing address? Does he have a P.O. Box? K, thanks. But seriously, these characters are made out to be "demi-saviors", all of which they get from the Gospel narratives.

I find it so ironic that, just as the authors of the Gospel narratives reinterpreted scripture and used literary tropes to invent the Jesus character, these evangelicals reinvent the Gospel narratives to make money and elevate their own popularity. How do they reinvent it? Well, they act out the parts of the Gospel narratives that most relate to modern times and their demographic. Usually these sections of narrative involve using the meek and the poor, by pretending to have supernatural abilities to heal the sick and cure disease. They put on a face of compassion, but really their just blood-sucking body-snatchers. And wouldn't you know it, Scientology is picking up on this "Jesus meme".

After stealing a lot of other things from Christianity (calling themselves a "church", claiming to be a compassionate organization but practicing intolerance, claiming to be an authority on various things like medicine and psychology or in Cruise language "drugs" and the "mind", and finally the use of horribly tainted logic and mind control to make the tainted logic sound "logical" - yep, stole all that from Christianity those bastards!), they have finally adopted the most popular trope - the messianic return. Cruise fits this role perfectly. He is a Hollywood star, rich, attractive (although the look of a zombie on crack has taken away some of his charm, I'm sure), and is seen as a leader because of all those action movies he's been in.

And here is food for thought. In seven-hundred years, what will Tom Cruise be seen as? We know him as the crazy, bug-eyed actor who "just knows". But will he one day be viewed as a healing prophet who brought about salvation for mankind? Scary thought? You betcha. What scares me more are his followers who already seem to be body-snatched and brain dead - sort of like your average church goer! Compare these two videos and note not only the poor logic and "dead eyes" of the years of zero brain usage.

Scientologists on...well, whatever they're on.... (Poor logic and lies)

Christian on Evolution (Poor logic and lies)

With the "Jesus meme", who knows what Cruise will be looked at as in the coming future. It is an awful thought that such an incredible bag of horse manure (Scientology), invented by a Science Fiction writer, can be spread on the faces of so many people while leaving them smiling. Yet, it may someday be said of the biggest spread of this crap, Saint Tom Cruise, that he was the man that brought about civilization in the twenty-first century. What can you do about it? Well, I suggest you start getting the word out. What word is that exactly? "You just know." And that, as they that.

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It's incredible how much

It's incredible how much attention this little cult gets, but it deserves it.  I am simply blown away that it has caught on.  It is really a tribute to human stupidity that a science fiction novel can catch on like this.

A lot of people feared that Dune was forming a too religious of a cult following and I always laughed at that, but Scientology really has managed to take it to that level that I thought was simply silly to even consider.

It's scary that what you are saying at this point not only seems a possibilty, but to me seems rather likely.  Tom Cruise...a prophet that someday people will pray to.  Wow.

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What burns me the most is

What burns me the most is most other Christians rightfully look at it and recognize it for what it is, a myth based on fiction sold as fact.

RIGHT GUYS! Now, take one more step and ask yourself this? If humans today are capable of making up stories and buying them as fact, what makes you think ancient humans didnt do the same?

Christians rightfully reject such absurdities as Thor and Isis as made up, and rightfully see through the scam called Sceintology. So why dont we do the rational thing and see human nature for what it is, natural.

If humans today can make up things and lie and sell them as fact, isn't it reasonable to assume that Christianity is merely and invention of the human mind based on prior mythology?

Occham's razor demonstrates this well. Out of all the given possibilities postulated, which makes more sense to you?

1. Hocus pokus is real and there is a bearded man in the sky.

2. Humans invent deities and falsely believe them to be real.

If Tom Cruise is capable of taking a work of fiction and passing it off as a religion, what makes others think their religion is not a result of some ancient taking a myth and popularizing it?

Fiction spread as fact is quite common in human history and no culture is emmune to this, unfortunatly.

Cruise has systmatically gone out of his way to attempt to silence his critics and is a danger to free speech. He is not demanding respect, he is using his star status to spread a stupid and pathetic superstition for his own selfish ego. 

I will not ever watch or rent or go to a movie staring that asshat.He has the freedom, constitutionally, to do what he is doing. But I also have the Constitutional right to call a scam a scam, and Scientology is nothing but junk fiction and a danger to impressionable minds.

HEY TOM, you are a nut! And your "church" is a phoney joke and DOES NOT diserve any more respect than phone psychics. Don't get pissed just because rational people are calling a duck a duck and a spade a spade.

YOU SELL LIES based on the works of a fiction writer. You are a con artist, just as bad as Benny Hinn. 


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First of all, that video was

First of all, that video was scary! You do have a really good point.  They tried to make him look like Jesus at the end.

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Cruise going blah-blah,

Cruise going blah-blah, with that cool, save-the-day attitude; Christian refusing to deal with evolution... Typical.

That whole party-on-the-street video, though: that was scary. I know I would be a little more capable to deal with them from where I stand now, in front of my screen, but I seriously don't know if I would be able to deal with them in person; they are maniacs!

And these "officers"? Somebody should put them on probation. 

     to drunk laughing to

   Smile  to drunk laughing to type much, but I can read ! .... thanks, really ....  


I live near where this happened... trust me, if this little crap scares you then you should come down for the reality of it.

they own the police... off duty cops stand guard on corners in their areas, ready to harrass and press charges.

Used to be a good police force that was looking into it, then they got a guy in the police to a high enough rank to shut it down... since then...

Just look it up, you'll see how deep this rabbit hole goes.