Time and temperature theory

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I came up with this thought while buzzing one night in August 2005 and posted it on a forum. Noone came up with anything relevant to add to it though most thought it an interesting idea. Admittedly, I'm no physicist. There are some here with a greater understanding of the sciences than anyone at the previous forum(including myself), so I figured I'd expand on input by reposting it here.

I just had an interesting thought. Anyone and everyone can feel free to put in their thoughts and/or criticizms of this thought. I did a bit of looking around to see if I could see anything on it(for or against), and I couldn't.

I put forward to you that temperature can affect time.

According to many different accepted scientific rules and theories, space and time are linked. In linked systems, when something affects one, the other would also be affected.

It is a well established fact that molecules move faster when warmer, and slower when cooler. It is theory that if you could bring the temperature to absolute zero (0 Kelvin/-273.15 Celsius/-459.67 Farenheit), all matter would cease movement. It's theory because as yet we've been unable to achieve 0 Kelvin, so we don't know for certain.

If time and space are linked(as per scientists like Einstein), and 0 kelvin would cause all matter and energy to....well....freeze(lol), the effect would theoretically freeze time as well. If that is true, then any temperature difference would have time moving at different rates in different places.

Obviously I don't have the kind of resources to test this theory, but I think it's an interesting one.

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Time is change. Without

Time is change. Without change the concept of time wouldn't exist.

Why does a watch keep the same time in Canada as is does on the equator? Temperature effects the rate at which things change and vice versa, but not time as we measure it.

I know almost nothing about physics and I just completely pulled that out of my ass. It's probably wrong, but that is my take on it.

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Ah, but has anyone ever

Ah, but has anyone ever taken a watch to northern Canada and compared it directly with a watch at the equator? I'm not sure anyone has, and I know I couldn't find anyone who claimed to. Plus a watch would be less affected simply due to it's proximity to your skin, making any difference less likely to be noticed. And I am theorizing that it would take fairly significant temperature differences before it would be obvious.

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A nice idea but it doesn't really work...

Space and Time are linked by Einstein but in a way which is only affected at high speeds/gravity fields etc (i.e. in suns and black holes)

On a day to day scale time is not affected by temperature.  We know this because clocks do keep the same time around the world.  In fact exploration of the globe would not have been possible without a way to measure longtitude, and this is done using clocks.  If the clocks told different times in the north atlantic and the south atlantic the means by which the globe was mapped in the 19th century would have been so unreliable as to not have worked.  QED clock workings, which measure time, are not affected by temperature. 

As for absolute zero... it's the kind of high-school physics that isn't entirely accurate anyway.  Wierd as it sounds particles can only exist with certain amounts of energy.  Instead of going down a smooth slope as they get colder they go down a set of stairs "jumping" from one energy level to the next.  And impossible s it is to believe there is no zero energy level.

(This is something half-remembered from my degree, apologies  to better brains than mine if I have missed the point)

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Just for the record, I'm

Just for the record, I'm not trying to be obtuse, just looking for a greater understanding. But I would suggest that it were to be taken with regard to the theory of relativity. You, always having a body temperature that ranges within a very few degrees, would be unable to observe the affect. But the affect would still exist. Or something to that effect.

 I'm starting to confuse myself.

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