they are too young

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Parents often complain that their children are so irresponsible. Yet when that same child assumes any form of responsibility, those same parents claim that they are too young to take on responsibility.

A fourteen-year old girl that goes out and comes home pregnant. "She's too young to have babies!" Appearantly, nature doesn't think so.

There was once a time when children were expected to be responsible for their behaviour. There was once a time when a thirteen- or fourteen-year old girl was expected to be married, and to be responsible for the household and raising of children. In some cultures, that is still the case.

Children that are incapable of handling responsibilies often grow up to be adult that cannot handle responsibilies. We have taken to the idea that childhood must be carefree and preserved. This is a great disservice to our children, who are unable to live up to their potentials. More and more we find that the line is being drawn between "adults" and "children", pitting and "us" versus "them" ideology.

Children are capable of much more than we allow them to be capable of. If you listen to them, they have many insights that are typically ignored because "they are too young". They can take on responsibilities that are generally reserved for "grown-ups".

History shows us a distinctly different picture from what we know today. With chance and opportunity, the line between "adult" and "child" is blurry at best. In fact, the line itself doesn't really seem to matter. It isn't about age or maturity. Intellectual stimulation and human relationships go far beyond such menial requirements.

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