Theist Argument 1, The Watchmaker Argument

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Theist Argument 1: The Watchmaker Argument
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Samuel Thomas Poling, Blog 127, Theist Argument #1: The Watchmaker Argument

I've done several blogs on theist arguments in the past, but now I'm going to go through them all in another blog series I'll just call "Theist Argument."

You see, theists want to explain reality just like you and me. However mostly they don't want it to be a reality they don't like, they'd rather it be something they would like to be true. And as intellectual liars, cowards, and frauds, or just as morons who can't think of a better explanation, they use "God" for the answer to several of the universe's biggest questions.

They did it a lot more often back in the day when science was weak at best. God explained everything, everything. Now, as intelligence increases, we are finding other answers, better answers. Some proven, others still unproven, but still better.

Yet still the desperate, the cowardly, and the stupid fail miserably to grasp it. God still is, God still must be the answer to "how" anything is in the first place. They don't prove it. No. They just make it up as an explanation. But just having an idea is not proof. Especially when there are better ones.

They even cling to their "theories" when they contradict scientific fact. And what they do is very funny. They make the logical fallacy known as "ad hoc." When their theory runs into yet another wall, they have another magical explanation to avoid it. And yes, they do, in fact, make it up on the spot.

The average, if not every theist has done this and will do this. They have no choice whatsoever. They will have to pull a new amazing fact of the universe... Out of their ass. These people actually think that because they think of it, no matter how amazing, improbable, and ground breaking it may or may not be, it's correct. Making something up doesn't make it true. It is ad hoc logical fallacy. A well documented fallacy. A well known logical error; a mistake. You're making it. Text book example.

God himself is ad hoc. He was an oh-so-magical explanation for things theists could yet understand. He was literally made up and pulled out of someone's ass. There is the famous question, "Where did God come from?" There's the answer for you. Out of someone's ass. He, and his attributes, are continued to be pulled out of the asses of theists even to this day. Realities of the universe are made up and asserted as true. Shocking, amazing, magical, extraordinary realities you wouldn't think possible to know. They aren't yet possible to know. These average Joes are so God damn stupid they truly believe what they make up is real. Magic, to them, is reality so long as they think it.

"Oh, but there is evidence of God! Look around, don't you see how complex life is? It needs an intelligent creator!"
I've refuted the Watchmaker argument I don't know how many times on my blogs and messages. I have annihilated it.

But this blog is created just for destroying it again.

This is known as the watchmaker argument because it was a famous theist (I forgot his name) that first put it elegantly in popular book, using a watch as an example. He said imagine that you are walking down a path and you come across a watch. You pick it up and look inside at all the complex working parts, all coming together to make a well working device. You therefore assume it was made by a human, that it had an intelligent creator.
He said humans, and all animals and life, was like this. It's the most complex stuff in the known universe. There must be an intelligent creator.

Well, this fool was wrong. Just because something is complex doesn't mean it had an intelligent creator.
Now the theist will blabber about how random chance can't possibly create something so complex that works.
And they're right.
But the truth isn't random chance.

For you see... There is another explanation aside from your ad hoc made up magics. And there is another explanation than random chance. You were just too bullheaded, ignorant, desperate, and plain stupid to even consider other theories. And that has obviously cost you the remainder of your intellectual dignity. To be blunt.

For you see, there once was a genius man who had the intelligence and courage to think past all the other pathetic humans around him. And with one simple, elegant, genius idea he was able to forever put the church in its place of ignorance and denial. And what was different about this man, aside from his sheer courage and intelligence, was that his idea, unlike the idea of God and creation, was formed by observations and evidence. It wasn't ad hoc magic. This man was, of course, Charles Darwin. And thanks to him I can completely destroy the Watchmaker argument. Again.

Alright, find the watchmaker.
Go to the shop of the watch, ask for the watchmaker.
You'll be sent to a shipping company.
From there to a factory.
You'll find that at that factory they simply import several complex parts from other places and assemble them.
Okay, go to these places.
Look at these parts, seek the designers.
You'll find models based on older models that several humans have worked together advancing.
You'll find that they based their plans off of older plans of older watch designs.
And those plans were improvements from older ones.
And those watch plans were improvements from even older ones.
And hell, you'll go back so far you'll reach the sundial.
Discovered due to the natural phenomena of light and shadow.
By a human mind, which, same as the watch, evolved.

So instead of their being an intelligent designer, we have several intelligences, several designs, all the way back to natural forces. The watchmaker was not a single mind, but many. It was not magic, it was evolution.

Stepping away from the metaphor, let's look at animals. The most complex things we know of. Start with a rabbit with gray fur. Let's have it mate. The genetics that get passed on differ slightly, due to the other mate, and do to little occasional errors in the coding transfer from parents to the young. The young have different DNA. Let's now say one half of the rabbits have the code for slightly more white fur, and the other half have the code for slightly darker fur.
The rabbits live in a snowy forest.
Now here come the wolves.

Today, the rabbits that live in snow have white fur.

How intelligent! Look at those rabbits hide from wolves in the snow with their ever so convenient white fur!
It must be intelligently designed, right? Only intelligence could know to have an animal with white fur instead of dark brown in a snowy area - so that it may hide, right? God did it, right?
No. You obviously know what happened.
It wasn't God.
It wasn't magic.
It wasn't intelligence.
You know, with common sense, that the rabbits who the darker fur were spotted by the wolves easier and killed. They didn't pass on their genetics of darker fur. The rabbits with whiter fur hid better and lived longer to pass on the genetics for whiter fur.
All dating methods agree that the world is 4.5 billion years old.
That's a lot of time to gradually get the rabbit's fur to snow white.
No intelligent designer is necessary.
Re read that last line a couple more... Hundreds of times.
Now tell me, is the way working complex creatures, suited for their environments, evidence for your made up magical guesses?
No. And just in case you are not convinced, we have billion fold fossil record to prove evolution being the case.
Whether you and your God like it or not.

You're going to need a lot more "proof" to justify your position, theists. Not only was your explanation a bald guess with no evidence, but we have a better one now, and it is proven. Magic is not an answer. It does not exist. You should have learned that when you were 5, at the oldest.

But I guess some people just never grow up and take responsibility of their worldviews.

"Where did the universe originally come from then? Where did life originally come from?"

Well, gee, I don't know. But you know what?
Neither do you.
Don't lie to me; don't lie to yourself, shut up, and think.
Magic isn't proving or explaining anything.
Neither are you.
But I'll tell you what... The more false you destroy, the more room there is for the true. Let's preserve our veracity and dignity a little this time, folks. Don't claim yer right until you know yer right.

Samuel Thomas Poling, Blog 127, Theist Argument #1: The Watchmaker Argument