Theism is a mind disorder video1

This is part of a Youtube video series we're engaged in. Please feel free to repost anywhere.

Kelly and Brian made this video in response to another video on youtube. It's some basic thoughts on theism being a mind disorder. Operation Spread Eagle

Here is the video where it resides on Youtube:

Mental Disorder

As I was watching the RRS Reality TV  show about theism it made me wonder, how is it socially respondable for our society to keep up this charade-religion,like Hitchens says religion poisons everything,all of the time and resources wasted on make believe.and I often wonder how mankind made it thru the last Reality Check,what makes a man and a woman realize the Facts of Life.In my opinon, religion is the most destructive force in the minds of our fellow Human Beings,and it just might be the delusional force in our world leader's that will cause the destruction of our planet,due too the ignorance that religion teaches,but maybe I wrong,but I doubt it.