The 'Theory' of Heliocentricity II: Dogmatic Boogaloo

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You bring up many good points my friend; however, I do not think we are seeing eye to eye. I believe everyone has a belief in something whether the majority believe a word means one thing others may view it differently (for example the word "God"). I am very familiar with Joseph Smith, Scientology, and Intelligent Design. I know there are many different views on intelligent design? Have you read the book by Rael "Intelligent Design"? It is available free from his website (for the book) and his own news website Also, another good website on Scientology (I am not sure were you got your info), but the website I use is I have many links concerning Mormonism but I recommend the "God Makers" book or The Life of Joseph Smith by Fawn Brodie Eye-wink On the subject of Religion and Science you say that religion is dogmatic (and yes I believe some are), but you claim that science is not. I believe differently; and I believe science is very dogmatic in numerous ways. I do believe though that science and religion are on the same playing field and both can be used to show that they are both real. I believe that science will continue to prove the Bible to be true and that it will prove what is written is right, as it has in many instances. Yes, there are people will deny this and say my claims are untrue or ridiculous; however, some of the greatest scientists were once laughed at too. Who is right and who is wrong??? Well I guess that is an answer we will all find out when our time comes. However, in the mean time we can only argue and discuss are points of view (typing away) in a blog room somewhere in Internet space, hoping to convince on another that the other is right. Knowing deep down inside that the chances of doing so are like a camel passing through the eye of a needle. When I was referring to Nineveh I was talking about Archaeologists (who are scientists) that denied its existence and later had to rebuke their statements. I will read the books you recommend, and yes I am very familiar with Richard Dawkins. However, I will buy the books and read them because I try to understand what others believe and keep an open mind (unlike many of my fellow Christians, in which is something I am trying to help them with). The books I recommend for further reading is Coming to Peace with Science: Bridging the Worlds Between Faith and Biology by
Darrel Falk and The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief by Francis Collins. I too hope you will read these books and we can politely discuss what we read between the Amicable Atheist and the Amicable Christian (lol). I enjoy these discussions between all of us and that we can discuss our views openly and listen to one another with respect and openness. I never meet anyone who lead a person to ones beliefs by yelling in their ear. Well I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays (for those that do not celebrate Christmas).

Chris N.

Louis Wrote:


First off, I want you to be aware that I am posting our exchange as a blog on MySpace -- I discuss theology quite a bit (as I am sure you do as well), and my readers are enjoying this discussion thoroughly, so, thanks for the candor.

Rael? …As in the Raelians? I don't mean to sound strident, but I thought we were discussing credible, mainstream science and theology, not self-aggrandizing, delusional gibberish; no wonder Rael is his own publisher…

Are you claiming that science corroborates the bible? Can you illustrate a relevant example of this? Finding a city mentioned in the OT (old testament) isn't exactly 'proof' that the claims the bible makes regarding the origins of life or the nature of the physical world are credible. Science is conservative and naturally (necessarily) skeptical. Could it be that your doubting archaeologists were just being good scientists, and not making a claim that such a city existed before they had an abundance of evidence? The bible (among many other things) suggests that the earth is 6,000 years old (based upon generations in the OT) and has four corners, that people used to live to be 900 years old, that Noah put 2 of every animal on a boat and repopulated the earth with them, and that men (apparently) have nipples for absolutely no reason (unless god has them too).

Take the Israelites. There is no archaeological evidence that the Jews were ever slaves in Egypt. Produce some outside the bible, and we can talk.

I would like also an example of 'scientific dogma'...I agree that individual scientists may be dogmatic, but the scientific method itself precludes dogma.

Awaiting evidence,

--Louis Repucci, The Amicable Atheist