The Tempest and the Cross

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"A Storm blows up by the Tree of Life: My faith and what I believe; my tenet, if you will"

The Tempest and the Qabalistic Cross

I won't deny that I sense the presence of [GOD];
but I will say this to all faiths in this modern age:
The god you worship, is not the GOD I know.
The god you claim exists, isn't the GOD I love.
The part you claim is a part of the GOD I sense.
I can't justly put GOD in a box like you try to do.
God is beyond the box; GOD fills the box; GOD IS the box. Refrain from continually seperating GOD into pieces like SET
did with the limbs of OSIRIS...and it's been a struggle for me to find all those limbs so that they may be connected again.

AMEN in its Place, I will worship this ideal to the end of my days, for it is this place that causes awe to well up within me.
AMEN is unknowable in this life--
and if there be one after
may AMEN reveal itself,
manifested before me
the glory that which IS
IS a mighty woman's ideal.
And when Mary Magdelene washed those feet
I wonder if foreplay was seen...
such deep love they must have shared
in that quiet moment of humble care.
It is truly all connected in such a chaotic way
and we all try to make sense of it.
Some shove it OUT;
some keep it IN and go on their merry way;
but as for me, I'm in between
and I don't quite fit into any belief.
You are wrong yet correct
if you call me agnostic,
or a skeptic,
even theist...for I have no sect.
With GOD
I simply AM as GOD IS...I AM.

(So, Taoist, eh? hee hee)

The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness...This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector. ~~Plato- The Republic