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The Richard Dawkins Foundation has called up the Rational Response Squad forces to elicit as much support as we can for the advancement of science. If you're unaware, Richard Dawkins is an eminent British ethologist, evolutionary theorist, and popular science writer who holds the Charles Simonyi Chair in the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. His new book is called "The God Delusion" and it's currently topping best selling lists around the globe. Buy a copy today! Dr. Dawkins will be featured on The Colbert Report tonight and he's currently on a book tour.

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Founding members of the Rational Response Squad will have the opportunity to meet up with Richard when he comes to Philadelphia on November 2nd, and will ceremoniously present him with a check consisting of the combined donations of our supporters, fans, and friends. We're asking you to please make some sort of donation to the Richard Dawkins Foundation through us, today! If you want more information, here is a brief summation of the RDF mission.

Some details and updates on this funding drive are available here.


Supplemental material:
Dawkins video on YouTube1 (watching this video, rating it, and commenting would be a big help also)

Dawkins video on YouTube2 (watching this video, rating it, and commenting would be a big help also)

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