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Over time we will be featuring home videos of the Rational Response Squad from this book page. As many of you may know early this year we went through a process that united three of the core members of the Rational Response Squad to live under one roof. Rook Hawkins and Brian Sapient have been best friends since 1999, they met Kelly in person for the first time in 2006. Since then the team has grown close as they've produced a successful online radio show, interacted with hundreds of theists, and created the website you're reading right now. Some of these videos will be silly, some may be serious, some may involve special house guests, all of them will revolve around our journey together.

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First comment.

First comment.

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Second comment.

Second comment.Sticking out tongue

God ? Exsistance ? WHO... WHAT ARE WE .... matter of creation.


everything that appears to be here is only here because we believe it is

everything from colours and animals  is just here because of the mind chosing to want that

yet where is the mind is the brain in a glass bowl filled with water hooked up to a machine or something to substane its "life"

and if it is there how come everything is not perfect in the minds little world

why is there other people that you hate and arguments occour

then comes to the theory of the minds being linked ... brains in seperate bowls connected to share thoughts to create a virtual world.

if this is so.

who controls the enviroment the brains are in. in fact who put them there

God?  god is in all of us .  is that what everyone means when they say that. We Are God. are brains connected to make this world .. we made the world  we as in everything living in this "virtual fantasy"is god ?

so where does the "people" who put or made the brains that we are into the bowls  come from .. is it an endless line virtual creation after creation  till you cant think about it no more and call the last one you thing about to be god,

god can show him self connect his brain to this world and act out to impose believe of "god" upon you

did he imagine him self to be "jesus" and say jesus was the son of god to try make you believe..


now imagine the Sims  yes i am talking about the game The Sims !

Create the look and personality of a person. family friends.

create relationships  "cupid"

basicly do everything possible that you could do in a everyday situation.

now think of it as wen you create the sims are you creating a person that thinks like you or not yet untill technology evolves . could it get to that stage ?

now makes you think

are you just a machine   virtualy created by someone that was virtualy created buy another person virtualy created .. ect ..ect..

just someone playing with your life inflicting pain suffering hurt upon you for there own enjoyment

giving others good things and making them happy with riches and love to torment you

is your "life" just a big game

can "God" not show himself as he cant import himself into the world made.?

is that the purpose of jesus to try to make you think and work out there could be a God to spawn anouther remake of a virtual world ... The Sims.

endless line of virtual world becoming so advance that if the creator of your world would "die" it could substain the "life" made breeding and dieing untill the fuel powering it runs out ... year 2012 ????

is the idea of heaven and hell just a though made in the virtual community or a promise made by the creator

a promise to move the good people to a different community named heaven or to send the bad to the Bin to ever wonder the realms of cyber space and just retold over and over again till its made out to me a shining bright happy wonder place and the opposite  fire dammed torture chamber  and we have no choice what once we go to just the creator controls you and makes you take the path they decide.


Or is everything just how it seems

people animals and other living things co exsiting in a totaly  real place full of discovery and the unknown

every1 evolving from previous versions as the cells get smarter and find new ways to carry on there exsistance

yet the name God still appears in my mind ,,,

if all living things came to be from previous versions untill you get to bateria  and bacteria is a single cell organism the can split to create 2 of its self then if you go back far enough you will get to 1  and only that 1 in exsistance as the 1st ever living thing.....

where did it come from   and how did it come to be in this world that seems to be souly made to have life.

if the other planets like mars just gods test ... projects that got dumped in the progress to finalising this world

if so why would he just stop with one world   is there others

galaxys ... connecting the Pods containing the solor systems that are stacked in the universe ( gods Room )


if you think your mind will come up with loads of schemes  methods ect.. to verify infomation to your liking.

which one is correct ... 

is none correct as you can never find out ?

just like .. if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around does it make a sound

your natural answer would be yes.  how do you know it made a sound if you wasnt there

but does sound really exsist or is it just the mind importing data to "alert" you that something has happend in your presents.


im goin to stop tping now as i could talk about what my mind is thinking for hours or even days untill it repeats it self and makes them theorys even more extreme to find a possibility to life and what it beholds and how it came to be and why am i here


catch me on youtube - i dont make videos on this subject and rarly post videos even tho i have some to put on

when i get round to it i will..... any way ill sdfu lol

..,     TheWindowHack  ,..

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Arguments happen because

Arguments happen because there isn't just one mind or goal, but many.

Regarding the life part, it didn't start with a single celled organism, we know that for certain. It would really begin with self replicating molecules. Eventually, natural forces and sufficient energy will make them more complex, until a single celled organism does appear. But it is highly unlikely that only one would appear. It is more likely that many would be spawned at once. At least two.

Regarding the tree, it will make vibrations. Sound is merely the brain translating vibrations.

Enlightened Atheist, Gaming God.