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Angry Little Girl from Youtube is funny and impacting the younger community... you go girl. This is the funniest one and it isn't embeddable, consider it a deprogramming helper for Christians.
Christians, you should medicate yourself by watching this three times a day until symptoms subside: (Truth)
Jessica interviewed herself with some camera trickery to mock Fox news who hosted Brian Flemming: 
  Now You Know:

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My dad just asked me via

My dad just asked me via im.... 


[2:25:13 PM] Sapients Dad says: do you know angrylittlegirl?
[2:34:34 PM] Brian Sapient says: yes
[2:35:02 PM] Sapients Dad says: she's pretty good
[2:35:25 PM] Brian Sapient says: she's an important appeal to 13-18 yr old boys
[2:35:50 PM] Sapients Dad says: and 58 year old ones too!!
[2:35:55 PM] Brian Sapient says: lol

I thought this was worthy of a bump.

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