"The Naked Truth" History of Religion 2 hours

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"The Naked Truth"

This video takes us on a deep journey of exploration into the origin of most of the religions we know of today. This video is a (mostly) factual historical breakdown. This video should be watched by people with an open mind..some of it's topics may be "mind Blowing" for some. You Be The Judge..What Type Of Person are you?

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Not so true...

There's a lot of interesting material here, but it's so rife with obvious inaccuracies that I have to question the scholarship behind the whole thing.  (Is astrology really the primary key to the Old and New Testaments?  I don't know.  It's clearly an element, but is it as central as this program claims?)

The show also leads up to Bill Jenkins propounding the notion of a (non-personal) Creator and of living a "spiritual" life.  I'd certainly be wary of recommending this to enlighten a religious friend.

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Maybe the best video source

Maybe the best video source for the origins of religion.  I think there needs to be a much better one though.  Maybe someone in RRS has the knowlege to undertake a new video on the subject.  Perhaps something that we could partner with our affiliates to accomplish? This was shot in the late eighties, and it shows.  IMHO Something needs to be done that has much higher quality production value, that includes some of the little things this movie left out, and fixes the errors.  I must admit though, I only noticed 2 small errors in watching it for the first time.  There may have been more, not sure.  Assuming a newer video was shot on the subject it would need to site references, in the video, and on the paper leaflet that comes in the DVD.  The only other thing that bothered me is the spearkers in the video seem to be into conspiracy theories judging by a quick google search.  It's hard for the skeptic in me to reconcile believing something that someone who believes in conspiracy theories would put out.  Luckily I was on to the whole mythical origins thing long before I saw this or Zeitgeist.  Overall, dispite the flaws, it's something I would like everyone I know to watch.

"They always say the same thing; 'But evolution is only a theory!!' Which is true, I guess, and it's good they say that I think, it gives you hope that they feel the same about the theory of Gravity and they might just float the f**k away."

I asked Rook in chat about

I asked Rook in chat about the claim of astrological/Christian parallels, and he disagrees with the premise. Having seen similar (not well substantiated) claims of Messianic parallels in this, Zeitgeist, and The God Who Wasn't There, I'm looking forward to reading a different perspective in Rook's book.

    seems this rrs movie

    seems this rrs movie link is broke, .... and worth 2 hrs

so here it is again .... movie, The Naked Truth ,



Just wondering if you could

Just wondering if you could give some examples of why it's "(mostly) factual" and/or the inaccuracies.  I just saw it yesterday and although I have not believed in a God/creator for more than 20 years now, I am just now starting to look into why others do not as well.  Thanks.