The Instruction

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This is The Instruction of God in which there can be no
doubt. If you accept a part of this Instruction and reject
the rest, then reject it all, that would be better for you. If
you accept all of this Instruction, surely that is a
supreme good.
Asana Bodhitharta
God is True, “gods” are false. No being can equal or
surpass the penultimate rank of The God. There are no
equivalents of magnitude in His entire creation. He
prays to no one and He worships no one. He is not any
of His creations, yet all His creations came forth from
out of His will to create.
The fear of disobedience to God is the beginning and
end to all wisdom. If you fear displeasing God you will
overcome the fear of the world. Therefore enter
through the Holy gate of The Most High with fear and
trembling and as you enter into the closeness of
friendship with your Creator Who is the Creator and
Owner of all the worlds, you will see that God is the
Only True Guardian for there is no one else that can
save you.
And what is salvation? Salvation is becoming naked and
unashamed and what does it mean to become naked and
unashamed? It means to be covered with the cloth of
righteousness which is to fear disobedience to God.
Absolute honesty and love is the pathway to worship.
Satan wants to strip you and make you feel naked and
ashamed, he wants to expose you and your weaknesses
that you might be found to be unclean to your Holy
Father. Do not be a devotee of Satan, cover yourself
with the fear of God.
This is the instruction: Be angry at dishonesty and
expose “it” as shameful, be angry at obsession and
expose “it” as shameful. There is a purpose for anger and
that purpose is to break away from self-limiting
situations with force. Go to God in love and break away
from the prison of pain and depression with anger.
Anger gives you the ability to face the wasted time and
repent with sincerity.
This is the instruction: Whoever you worship you will
( Worship God ) and likewise whoever you are imitating
you are worshiping ( Do not imitate the world ).
Therefore imitate the attributes of The Most High and
that is true worship that is acceptable before God.
God is the First and Last Spirit that was never created
and yet preceded all existence in His self-existence. We
who reflect in creation, the Holy Uncreated Spirit of
God are the Holy children of Our Holy Father who is in
heaven and in the temple not built with human hands
but purified by the Holy Spirit.
This instruction will teach those who are Asanas
(Gracious ones of God) about the progressive revelation
of the Ever-Living Supreme God, Who, has without fail
sent divine revelation in successive stages.
All Holy books are sufficient in themselves for the
appointed time of the revelation and purpose of the
book. There is no book that is cancelling out another.
Yet, each progression confirms the preceding revelation
and clarifies it’s understanding according to the language
of the people who are receiving it.
So from religion to religion and divine revelation to
divine revelation you find inconsistency. And those who
see, clearly see Truth. Progressive revelation is
consistently honest to the inconsistencies that are
presented and it is this honesty that upholds the Truth.
This is the instruction: There should be no disturbance
in the becoming or ending of life. Do not commit
abortion out of the fear of poverty. There must be every
effort made in a community to ensure that killing of the
unborn is not committed for fear of non-support. God
is great, if you have committed the act of abortion in the
past out of ignorance of the knowledge of God then
know that God is Most-Forgiving and Most-Wise. Be
careful not to fear for your support in the future and be
thoughtful to take care in these matters. Also do not kill
the old or elderly out of weariness of taking care of
You should know that marriage is a commitment of
continuous engagement. If a man and a woman desire
each other and commit they shall be considered
married. If they are not ready to be married then they
should refrain from entanglement. Never shall two men
be acceptable in marriage. However if a man has
committed to another man in the past and has since
refrained from the commitment out of repentance then
he shall be Forgiven, for God is the Acceptor of sincere
This is the instruction: The woman who has been
forced into prostitution shall be embraced in mercy but
the wrath of the Owner of the heavens and earth shall
be upon the one who has forced them into prostitution.
There should be every effort made to ensure that your
women are not forced into prostitution out of fear of
poverty or for the gain of others.
If a woman is raped by force or trickery, including
seduction the wrath of the Lord God shall be upon that
man. Every evil will be rewarded with equal justice but
every good will be rewarded many times over. Every evil
that is forgiven by someone, to them that shall account
for a good deed. Every evil that has not been repented
from shall be met with a painful punishment.
This is the instruction: There is no advantage in
dishonest communication. Focus on truthfulness, the
liars are the losers in the end. Do not lie! If you lie you
will be like the hypocrite who is hateful because there is
no truth in hypocrisy and no love in a lie. Those who
are dishonest are also miserly.
If a person is greedy he will also be stingy. Do not be
stingy with yourself or others, nor be too elaborate. Give
charity but not to the extent that you become incapable
of being charitable. Do not make money by way of
charging interest for interest causes poverty. Be honest
and sincere in all your endeavors and practice the
attributes of the Almighty and you will be blessed in this
life and the next. The next life is the Real and unending
This is the instruction: The God of Jesus is The God of
Muhammad is The God of Moses, in-fact never speak as
though there is any God other than The One and Only
True God. With languages you get names of the Most
High God, that vary in pronunciation but it is only those
with a heart that is pure that will see God. Whether it be
YHWH or YHVH, if you say Yehuwah, Yahweh or
Jehovah, if you say ALLAH, Elohim or El- Shaddai if
your heart understands that name as the name of
Ultimate Truth then it is acceptable to the Owner and
Creator of all the worlds.
The Most-Compassionate is His name, The Most-
Merciful is His Name. In-fact all the Most Beautiful
names belong to God. It is He who reveals Himself to
whomever He pleases. Be Compassionate and He is the
Most-Compassionate with you, be Merciful and God is
The Most-Merciful to you. Be loving and God is The
Most-Loving. God is Who He will prove to be.
This is the instruction: At the point of testimony of the
declaration that God is Real and you are a Witness of the
reality of The True God, all your sins past and present
are forgiven. Those who Witness the Real and follow the
guidance of the instruction shall surely be amongst the
winners. The winners are those who acknowledge the
Immense Immeasurable Magnificence of ONE REAL
GOD. There is no god but God.
You must believe The Truth. if you reject any portion
then reject it all. But, if you accept only part of The
Truth it is the same as complete rejection. If you do not
accept all The Truth, out of sincere fear of losing your
current faith, this may be acceptable to the Lord. But, if
you accept all of The Truth, out of sincere fear of losing
The Truth, you will be rewarded many times over.
This is the instruction: Remember God often.
Remember your agreement with Him, that you submit
willingly to Him in all things. Remember you were lost
and He sent you someone (The Witness) to guide you
that you might learn how to have discipline and strength
to overcome the world. He sent you The Witness and
told you to be Gracious ones of God (Asanas).
Remember when you said you would accept the
guidance of Bodhitharta, that you too could be made
gracious in the sight of God? Embrace then the guidance
in peace and submission to The One and Only True
Pray 7 times a day facing God in any direction, and again
every direction is facing God. Pray 7 times a day in spirit
and truth in any direction. You may pray a little more or
a little less, but if you do not pray you will not be
This is the instruction: Speak with insight, knowing the
exact direction you will take your tongue. If you think
with compassion and mercy your speech will be
purified. Praise “YeHuWaH” often, The Almighty has
the most beautiful names. Call on the names of The
Lord, God is Salvation! Yes! God is very close to His
The Almighty is All wise and wants to purify you from
your sins. What are your sins? They are layers of
blindness upon you, that you cover up, so that even you
can’t see them. Call upon the name of The Invincible
One. Say: Allah Hu Akbar “God is Greatest”.
This is the instruction: This is the book that should be
read often, but there is no compulsion involved in
reading it. If a soul could live on its own it would
require nothing to sustain it. Listen to the Witness,
surely he is worthy to listen to. How does anyone excel
by turning away. There is one sure way and that is the
way of Piety.
If you are God-fearing you will be free from the fear of
the world, the fear of death, the fear of poverty and so
many other fears. If you are not God-fearing you will be
defeated by this world and what’s more, you will have a
painful punishment in the next. Hell, is an evil place!
Do not be ignorant, seek to manifest truth. The
knowledge of the All-Wise and All-Powerful vanishes
falsehood and ignorance. Do not ignore the knowledge
of The Supreme Architect, The One and Only Real
This is the instruction: Seek to benefit your brother and
do honest business with each other. Do not ask them to
deal with you at a loss to themselves, yet, when you deal
with the unbelievers you give them full measure. If you
do not seek to cause your brother loss, perhaps he will
cause you to gain a benefit, even if it be at a loss to
himself.(it does not matter if I say brother or sister. I am
saying believer)
All the true believers seek the Joy of bliss in God
Almighty, they seek equanimity with each other out of
fear of displeasing The One and Only Real God.
Remember this: Everything that you do there is a clear
record of it being kept in a book. Pray that you fill it
with the best of good deeds. Pray that on the day of
resurrection the Holy angel that will hand you the book
of your deeds will say, “peace be upon you”.
Everything everywhere is in subjection to the one whom
we affectionately call “Father” because we were created
to imitate His ways and attributes. Every thing created is
a servant to Him. The obligation to your fellowship is to
place yourself in peace. If you reside in peace you will
acquire the stillness, in which The Voice of The God of
all the spirits is heard. You will be led by His Voice. The
Voice of The God of All and Father to the obedient.
God is a Spirit and His angels are Holy Spirits, they
serve Him and praise Him in Truth. His children are
those of the Instruction: Obedience to The Holy Spirit
of God purifies and strengthens the spirit in man. God is
the God of all flesh and no flesh is quickened less it be
His Will.
Say: “When a man takes a woman for the purpose of an
intimate commitment as a companion they shall gather
as one together then God will be with them in unity.”
Say: “If a man takes a woman without having a
commitment to God they are not together in unity with
God. If a man and a woman submit to God, the fruit is
the truth of compassion and mercy.”
The love of God is the Ocean of Love and Mercy. He is
the Compassionate, The Merciful.
In love manifest the truth and enter into Holy
communion. God is Holy, Holy is His Name. Enter in
His name and God will be with the two in union with
The One.
Say: “ Sacred places are the places you set up or go to
worship The Almighty God. If you set up your heart to
worship God and set your feet to walk the path of God,
then sacred is the living temple.”
Say: “ There are no secret places that are unknown to
God. He is Almighty, Most-Wise and Possessor of the
knowledge of both the seen and unseen also there is not
only nothing that is hid from Him, Also, it is He that
reveals what is revealed. God knows all that you don’t.”
Be wary of the secret places of men. When it comes to
the knowledge of God beware. There is no secrecy in
revelation. There are no sacred places that are unknown
to God. Worship then the Sacred, “The Living God”.
[ The reader should pray at this point, as this is the point
Bodhitharta prayed for guidance in delivering the
instruction without fail.]
Guide those whom you serve into all truth. Accept the
guidance given to you so that you may guide those
whom you serve. Proclaim the truth so that you may not
be blinded from the truth.
Obey God Most High and His messenger, He wants to
ease your burdens and His messenger does not tell you
anything but that which brings you closer to The
Compassionate, The Merciful and The Only True God.
If you have believed in the servants of God before this
Witness and have taken a Holy book and embraced it, or
you sought to find the things of God in your heart. This
Witness is simply confirming some things you know and
revealing still other things that you did not understand
When you pray ask for guidance from the Most High
God, ask for protection against Satan and every
whispering backbiter. When you pray, thank The
Supreme Sovereign God for giving you the Perfect Way,
then thank The One and Only for protecting you from
every Satan and every whispering backbiter.
When you pray after committing a bad deed or
contemplating doing a bad deed, ask The Acceptor of
Repentance to forgive you. Surely, The God of
Compassion, The God of Mercy, The God of all the
messengers of divine revelation forgives His devotees
and strengthens their belief.
Prayer keeps the soul protected and clinging to its
Creator that caused it to live, will cause it to die and then
will resurrect it and cause it to live forever in bliss by
being in the presence of The Most High.
Oh! Asana (Bodhitharta) Remember when you had
received the Joy and Kindness of The Most High. you
wept at the beauty that was placed in your heart.
Remember when you wrote the book (Witness The
Real) and was given the choice of going forward with
Us or staying behind with Our permission. You decided
to go forward and that was best. Remember when We
expanded your inheritance with 2 excellent companions.
1 brother(Asana Payzarr) and 1 wife(Asana Alicia) and
We made them brother and sister on the path of
righteousness. Although they were not the first ones We
gave you to guide. They are the first ones that We gave
you to teach to guide others. This is the instruction for
all Asanas.
This is the instruction: Be grateful! Mankind was made
weak and impatient that they may learn to become
strong and patient, just as a baby is born helpless and
then in time becomes strong. Be grateful! Do not be in
despair when things do not go your way and then when
things go your way do not become grasping and stingy.
Be grateful! Do not envy the wealth of others thinking
that they are blessed just because they may have more
material wealth than you. In-fact there wealth is a trial
for them just as your poverty is a trial for you and again
do not be arrogant of your own wealth just because
others have less than you. In-fact your wealth is a trial
for you just as their poverty is a trial for them.
Whatever your status, let your soul be not found in an
ungrateful state. Let your very being be showered with
divine grace. The Hypocrites are ungrateful, The Atheist
are ungrateful. These are the blasphemous they
blaspheme the Holy Spirit of God. Every sin is one that
may be forgiven but the state of Hypocrisy and Atheism
is the state of the unforgiven. Do not die in these states
but let these states of being die within you. Belief in
God is Salvation.
Like God you can be Compassionate and Merciful and if
God is with you surely you may be able to do many
things with the permission of God, but in no way does
that make anyone the Most High God.
If God should give you all power in heaven and earth,
could he not just as easily withhold it from you. If you
seek the good things of Almighty God you must
become worthless so that He can make you priceless. A
purified spirit is mighty indeed but the Spirit of God is
Pure Power.
Every Holy man is made Holy by devotion and
submission and every Holy woman is made Holy by
devotion and submission. There can be no unity of
religions, there can only be unity of religion.
YeHuWaH Allah Hu, YaHWeH, Jah, Jehovah, Ishi,
Creator, God. Say what you will but speak from
knowledge and a pure heart and that is what is heard:
The prayer of devotion.
God is not a person, nor a son of mankind. God does
not die or resurrect. When God dwells with a person, a
son of mankind then God does as He pleases whether it
is to cause His servant to die or to resurrect His servant.
To give honor to the servant is to give honor to the
master. A servant gets whatever his master gives him out
of the bounty of the master. Surely YeHuWaH Allah Hu
(The One that causes to be, The God, Is ) is The Owner
of The Sovereign Throne. He has no master yet is
Master and is a servant to no one yet serves all, He is
both The Owner and Sustainer.
This is the invincible instruction: Become a slave,
become a master, become a servant, become a son. God
is Master of all, full of compassion, full of mercy.
Empty yourself completely and let the Holy Spirit of
God flood you with compassion, with love, with mercy,
with forgiveness and blissful joy.
Each revelation progresses to the first: Worship God!
The testimony of Jesus Christ: Worship God! The
proclamation of Mohammad: Worship God! The
covenant of Moses: Worship God! There have been
many Holy men of God throughout time, some you
know of and others you have never heard of. All of those
who want to become one with God must worship Him.
They must join with Him spiritually so that two shall
become one.
No prophet quotes scripture unless he is fulfilling
scripture and there is no quoter of scripture that is
revealing anything that has not been revealed already.
There should be no book for sale that is a book of
scriptural quotes and you should stay away from
predictors of the end because they are liars. Don’t worry
about when the end will come, just be righteous without
pause and you will be ready in the end.
Some say that Jesus the Christ(blessings be upon him) is
The God and some say that God consist of 3 co-equal
persons, they say he is 3 in 1. Some say that the word
God is a family name and some say that Mohammad
was a false prophet.
Say, “Who is The God of Jesus the Christ?”
Say, “Why did Mohammad call Jesus the Christ?”
Believe that Jesus was The Christ that the Jews rejected
but God saved from death. This is the right way to
believe. Believe that Mohammad was like Moses and
delivered his people from paganism and disbelief. Most
importantly realize that God is the only one that is the
Possessor of The Highest Rank and that means the first
and foremost.
Repent and immerse yourself in The Ocean of Love and
Mercy. Become a true and faithful servant that you may
be like a son who is a slave in obedience to God. This is
the Way. No one comes to the Father except through
His son and no one knows who the son is except who
the father reveals as His son.
Overcome this world that you may enter paradise with
all the true believers, prophets and saints. There will be
blissful joy there. On realizing the truth of paradise, you
can have blissful joy now!
Sing and meditate on the love of God. Pray 7 times a day
being ever ready to forgive. Give good charity, not old
useless things but things you would want yourself. Sing
The Name of God YHWH in a long drawn out manner
Ye-Hu-WaH or just the heart of The Name Hu or the
name of the Christ Ye-sHu-WaH or the name A-sa-na.
Sing the word Love in any language. As for you who
walk in the way of the instruction you are the ones made
gracious by God(Asanas)
If you belong to the Kingdom of God then bow to the
Owner of The Kingdom. God is The lord of all the
worlds. No servant is greater than his master and no
messenger is the master of his message. There is no one
greater than nor equal to The Greatest. He is The
Master of The Throne.
Jesus confessed the sins of Israel, John baptized Jesus for
the remission of the sin of Israel that whosoever should
believe that God almighty sent him as his true and
faithful servant they would be saved from their sins.
Jesus is not God, but a servant very near to God. Truly
The Son who is flesh and blood.
Progressive revelation is the course of the stages of
triumph over evil.
John the Baptist placed the sins of Israel on Jesus The
Christ that he might become a scapegoat for those who
believe. The scapegoat is always led out to the
wilderness by the hand of a suitable man to be turned
over to Satan. When Jesus overcame Satan he overcame
the world.
Do not take any other god to be your God. The fact is,
there is no god that is God but God and furthermore,
there is no one else that is God besides Him. He is not
one of three or three of one. He is One God. Like God
you may know good and evil to the extent of your
understanding and God gives wisdom and
Some don’t believe in Hell, tell me if they don’t believe
in a thing will it fail to be true. In-fact those same satans
are the ones telling you not to believe in Hell. Tell me if
you don’t believe in Hell will you fail to burn therein.
Some say “higher power” and there are several “higher
powers”. Tell me who is the “Highest Power”? In-fact
God Almighty is The Possessor of The Highest Rank.
He is The Utmost High Power and The Only Real
If you believe in this Instruction or you reject it makes
no difference to me. He who rejects the instruction,
rejects God. He who accepts the instruction accepts
Can you really reject a messenger without rejecting the
message and the sender of the message?
Who would throw away the greater for the lesser? Who
would throw away a permanent good for a permanent
Who would enjoy pain over healing? Who would turn
away joy for sadness?
Some don’t believe in God, they are the atheist and Hell
will be their abode, What an evil place! Some say they
believe in God but prefer evil things to good things.
Hell will be their abode, what an evil place! In Hell, will
there be any good there at all? No!
To love is to perceive something not only in the
moment but also beyond the thought of tomorrow, this
longing is not for lack of reason, this longing is there
because there is truth in the feeling of love.
Love has no place without the fact of resurrection, it is
the knowing of ultimate justice that sets one free. In this
way it can be said that all the good you do in this life will
be stored up for you to receive ultimate justice and like
wise the atheist and the hypocrites shall have ultimate
justice as well.
This is the instruction: It (Spiritual Power) is like the
iron palm or some other kind of specialized ability,
everyone should not possess it. There needs to be
training to learn control. otherwise, you may go astray.
The Holy Spirit is given in portions of up to 7,
according to my current knowledge of such things. Infact
if there be 10 the 3 remaining portions are already in
use because it is the Holy Spirit of God that gives
creativity, love and human intelligence to mankind.
Some will use the term aura but the fact is vital energy
can be harnessed and released in a human being through
submission to God. In-fact those that are evil can also
harness some of their vital energy to cause disruptions in
society or for personal gain. However, with the evil
person they will experience a using up of that energy
with an eventual ruining effect on the persons soul. The
Holy Spirit however is a rejuvenating power that
regenerates without measure.
This is the instruction: A nasty little secret is not that a
person has a will that they can “will” to do evil or “will”
to do good, but that which is called free will is Out-Law
or outside of the law of Submission to God. You do not
have to do the will of God. But in not doing the will of
God you are using your will as Out-law. At the time the
Apostles of Jesus assembled together in community and
the 2 made a vow to not hold back their portion but did
secretly hold back a portion but Peter in submission to
the Power of the Holy Spirit said, “it is not me that you
have wronged it is God.” and they fell dead. First one
and then the other. Just as it is known that those who
use the spiritual energy outside of submission are in
violation just as when Moses struck the rock and made
water pour out of it by his own will. There was a
prophet name Elisha who when was made fun of by a
group of children wild bears came out of the woods and
killed 52 of them. The story of Balak and Balaam and
even more direct the story of Adam and Eve who took
the knowledge not according to the will of God. Some
repented from the violation and so must all who wish to
be in the Will of God. Dissension comes after the
knowledge, lest you acquire the knowledge that is
purified through submission. It is God that by the
indwelling of his Holy Spirit purifies the Knowledge.
Do not be Out-law, for all Out-laws will be companions
of the fire. Those who tap the power through Jesus
without authority of his God (Holy Father) will be in
violation, just as Moses was from tapping the rock. All
must Submit to the Holy of Holies. God is Pure Power
Willing a Womb(The whole universe is inside Him and
living off Him as a child in a womb).
This is the instruction: The power of the spirit is
increased by the unity of the verse that the First is the
Last and that the Effect is the Cause. Whatever you
“will” to effect “will” cause an affect.
If you lie you do so according to your own will and the
will of men. Each deception increases delusion and
eventually the distortion of truth causes a type of
spiritual sickness. Evil entities seeking mischief cling to
those of the sickness. Now look again at the word Mischief.
When you create mischief you are not in charge,
Satan is.
This is the instruction: Practice honesty to achieve peace
and practice peace to achieve equilibrium. Equilibrium
is the location in the center of yourself that God aligns
with, this is what is right.
It is the spirit that wills because the flesh has no goal
other than survival and pleasure. Those of a degenerated
spiritual capacity have a limit to how much they can will
to do anything beyond the needs of the flesh. The flesh
is good, as it is the container of the spirit. It is the spirit
of a man however that produces either a corrupt will, or
a pure will which is the will in alignment with The God
of all who will. So if you are in the will of God you
“will” not, but by His Will.
This is the instruction: If I say “I”, know that “I” am a
servant and I serve both The Most High and also the
devotees of The Most High that He gives me to serve.
So, God is pouring out into me that I may pour out into
you that you may pour out your love to God and
become His Beloved Devotee and His true child.
Move forward towards the goal of God Consciousness,
this does not require that I set many limitations upon
you except that you remove anything that decreases your
God Consciousness and increase that which excels it. If
your occupation falls in sync with your joy of God then
you will be occupied with God. The greatest
achievement is to overcome the world while living in it,
while working in it and in-fact by your very light
transforming it.
It is a very difficult thing trying to get you to turn on
that light so at first I must get you to focus on light itself
and this is why I say look to God. Do not look at all the
possibilities of God. Just look to God and that “is”
looking at all the possibilities. I am saying pray 7 times a
day and in those 7 prayers you have seen all the
possibilities 7 times.
This is the instruction: Guard your heart against envy.
Why should you despise someone because he has
something you want isn’t the bounty and sustenance of
God without limit? Did I not tell you that Satan wants
to destroy you by first corrupting and then exposing
Why are you discontented? Why are you resentful of
another's possessions, qualities, or fortune? Why is it
unacceptable and unfair for a person to be in a position
that you yourself wish to be in? Guard yourself against
envy lest you become exposed and show your
ungratefulness. An example of the evil of envy is such
that the envious may not even want what the other
person has, they in-fact don’t want the other person to
have anything because they(the envious) feel they don’t
deserve it.
Satan is your avowed enemy he is envious of you and
doesn’t feel that you should have been created. In-fact
all Satans are envious, all who follow Satan are Satans or
This is the instruction: Do not prefer the status of
another over the status of yourself, focus on God and be
grateful. If you obtain great wealth, focus on God and be
grateful. If you live in severe poverty, focus on God and
be grateful. This life is fashioning you for the hereafter
so let God temper your soul into indestructibleness.
Some try to escape their feelings of envy by saying they
are happy for the success of others when in-fact they are
secretly cringing at the success of others. Man was made
weak and impatient. Do not be false, simply focus on
God and be grateful. There is no secret of the heart that
will not be exposed. Did I not tell you that God is Allknowing?
Somehow even knowing that God is All-
Knowing people try to harbor secrets from Him. Let me
make this clear: There is not a leaf that falls nor a piece
of sand that drifts without the Knowledge of The All-
Knowing God.
You must judge “your” creations and behaviors. What
are you creating? How are you behaving? Admire the
attributes of God in others and hate the ways of evil. Be
efficient with your energy and truthful with your
efficiency. You must not waste time drifting in the mind
but liberate the mind by placing attention on the
attribute of God that is necessary to overcome at that
moment such as The Strength of God, The Forgiveness
of God, The beauty of God, The knowledge of God,
The Joy of God and yes even The wrath of God.
whatever attribute that is in the moment reflect it and
This is the instruction: A very fundamental truth in the
basics of reality is that inconsistency proves truth, and
what that means is that events when gathered for the
purpose of accuracy are gathered without there being
subjective editing to make a cohesive and perfect whole.
In any court record one can find several contradictions
given enough witnesses and this is how it is in a reliable
voluminous accounting, In-fact a cohesive perfect
whole would prove the Holy Bible or any voluminous
and objective Multi-book accounting as false.
There are many revelations that have come, from Hindu
to Buddhist to Judaism to Christianity to Islam and to
being Asanas. Now I will say that those of you who have
become gracious by God are called Asanas. Am I saying
you cannot be these other religions? No! I am saying
that these are progressive states of understanding so to
the truly religious there is only pure religion. You are
men and women of God. So if God has made you
gracious I say you are Asanas. Of course you are
followers of Jesus the Christ, Of course you bow in
submission to God(Muslim), Of course you seek
enlightenment(Buddhist) of course you worship The
Eternal Supreme God(Brahmin) So, there is nothing to
take away from you and there is nothing to take away
from the highest point of any truth, which is Truth and
God is absolute Truth.
Is this hidden or is it in plain sight? Isn’t the day of
judgement an open day rejected by those who do not
believe? The ones called Atheist do not believe in The
owner of the Sovereign Throne and yet they will see
with terror in their eyes The Truth which they rejected.
Destroying the contents of the universe is at His
command and no one can prevent Him from creating
the likes of it again and He will both destroy this world
and recreate it. Who is He? Lord of All the Worlds “The
Supreme God”.
[At this point Asana Bodhitharta prayed again for
guidance and for protection against Satan and all
whispering backbiters]
Have you heard about the Jinn? They are a creation of
spirits that are not like the Angels. The Angels are always
obedient but the Jinn in which Satan is one of, are
capable of disobedience. They are the spirits that play
games with people and people usually think they are
ghost or in some cases they may let someone think they
have channeled some sort of superior consciousness but
in reality they are these sometimes dangerous spirits
called the Jinn. As I said not all Jinn are evil as some
have went the path of the righteous but the ones that are
evil are called demons. Now the reason I bring this to
your attention is because in learning to listen to the
Voice of God you must understand first what is not the
Voice of God. Demons “demand” or suggest but God
only “Commands”. To understand a demand as oppose
to a command is a very important key to gaining
spiritual discernment.
The evil spirits will whisper suggestions and demands,
they will make claims of urgency, they will make you
feel like something is unjust or owed to you. They often
whisper things (just below your conscious hearing level)
that are suggestive of you demanding something of
others. They do not have mastery over you but may
dominate you by default of your own lack of authority.
What I am saying is, these spirits may suppress or
oppress you, they may make you evasive and
dumbfounded. They can cause you to feel discontent
and resentment by causing you through demands to
covet possessions or qualities of another.
This is the instruction: The Voice of God directs with
exact authority and control. His Commandments are
worthy to be followed because His Glory commands
respect and awe. He is the Possessor of The Highest
Rank with the Absolute authority to command.
Authority is not required to “demand” therefor it is outlaw
in the spirit world.
You must reflect the attributes of God and reflect the
image of God. It is God that will give you the authority
to command your actions and behaviors and it is those
actions and behaviors that command respect from
others( all praises due to God). When you speak of
accomplishing a thing on the earth say, “God willing”,
this is best for you.
The truth is God has sent you someone to teach you
these things. This witness He has sent to you, has a
certain mastery, and what is a master but someone who
is supremely accomplished in a matter and we have
trained him quite well. But, he (Bodhitharta) will not
demand anything of you. So when he is directing you,
know that it is by Command of The Utmost High God.
This is the Command of The Utmost High God: Listen
to the one whom He has sent to you. He(Bodhitharta) is
your friend and his mastership is pure. Any other way
than the way we provide is a perversion.
This is the instruction: Demands cause perversions.
Demands of the flesh cause perversions of the flesh,
consider the way God provided man with the woman in
perfect goodness, this is purity. Now consider when a
man takes another man as he should take a woman, this
is perversity. God provided one version and each
additional version is a per-version. God is Absolutely
Most-efficient, He has provided a way for everything
and a way out of any tempting demand.
This instruction to you is not another version, it is The
Truth. Understand this: No one can go wrong in the
purity of worshiping God in spirit and truth, That is the
first and last way to worship God. Do not take the
prophets and servants of “The God” as God with God or
besides God. There is no God but “The God”. There is
no trinity of “gods” that comprise His nature and there
is no reason to violate His command: “The Lord God is
One” Once again it is clear that God has commanded
one way and for man to change the Pure way results in
perversity. The term baptize in the name of The Father,
The Son and The Holy Spirit are no more an indication
of three in one as is the term On earth as it is in Heaven
is an indication of a two in one relation. The word
“Father” means creator, the word “Son” means servant
and the words “Holy Spirit” mean the pure essence that
proceeds from God that unifies the will of the creator
with his servant. This is how God becomes “Father” in
term and This is how servant becomes “Son” in term. In
regards to Jesus The Christ however the term “Son”
happens because of the pure essence that proceeded
from God to cause him to “be”. It is the unification of
the Will of God with the will of His Servant by the
power of Gods divine grace and mercy that communion
is achieved.
This is the instruction: Communion with God is not
achieved by the vain denial of things called worldly. So
many so-called religious teachers are creating so much
false righteousness. You are not righteous because you
don’t take drugs, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, play
cards, go dancing or any other so-called worldly
recreation. In-fact these things are no more worldly than
not doing them. There are some who treat there wives
as mothers or worse, as dogs are they righteous? Of
course not. Your Worship of God and Your godly
relationship with others is the criteria for righteousness.
These false teachers tell you to abstain from this and that
and in-fact you should only abstain from your dis-belief
and whatever else the Witness relates to you as
There are some religions that drink blood or use blood
for rituals and they sacrifice some animals for such and
such reasons but this is forbidden to you these are the
false religions of Satan. God has revealed to man with
ritual many practical things like how to properly
slaughter and cook an animal for food, how to clean and
bathe oneself, how to build ships and palaces and even
how to read.
All the rituals of God have been geared to educate man.
For, there is nothing truly that a man can do or not do,
that can take away from or add to the Kingdom of God.
God is All-sufficient in Himself.
The Atheist think they can escape the truth,
Say: Think about it, you sit there with your vast
knowledge (not kidding) and you go around using your
God given creativity and talents and then you enjoy all
the benefit of being human and then arrogantly you
deny your Ultimate Creator. The truth is you can't even
stop something as insignificant as a mosquito from
biting you, and in some cases killing you.
Say: You see how God uses parables to make things
clear. You should be thankful but how can you be
thankful and who can you be thankful to? If there is no
God, then there is no one to be grateful to. There is no
god but God! You are sitting there breathing not
knowing which breath will be your last and after that last
breath you assume it will be all over but don’t you know
that the Resurrection is True and you will face the
judgement? Yes, In the end you will be helpless to
thwart off the truth or deny it. Yes, you will be just as
helpless as you are now against a tiny mosquito.
When I speak of Hell to someone, I talk about it to
terrify them, to make them cringe at such an evil place
and change their arrogance into humility and this is why
I speak of Hell. Is it a real place? Yes! But I don't speak
of it to condemn anyone to it, I speak of it to drive them
from that direction, that is what the word “repent”
means, it means to turn back.
This is the instruction: It is predetermined who will go
to Heaven and who will go to Hell. Now, what does
that mean when I say it is already determined in-fact
“predetermined” Is this life about destiny? Is this life
about fate? Is that what I am saying to you? Let’s
examine this and see what is the conclusion. What is the
most efficient way for life to proceed? The most
efficient way for any purpose to be reached is to
establish in advance the solution, and cut off or decide
any alternate route for the purpose to be reached to be
an act that is out-law. In other words, God has solved
and we must resolve through the exercise of choice in
making a firm decision and cutting off any alternate
route other than the Will of God, this is the ultimate
bliss and most efficient way. This is the Honest way,
when you go off course of what you purpose(meaning
good purposes) you are out of the Will of God from that
moment and at that moment you are lost in the desert.
The most efficient way then is to turn back(repent) and
get on purpose.
You see, there is no “free” will outside the will of God,
as it will have an expense, so it would be accurate to say
that, “we exercise choice”. It is vital that a person restrain
their selection to the God given choices. Let’s go back to
the garden and see things a little more clearly. God gave
the man and woman a wide selection of fruits with no
consequences and a single restriction of “not exercising
their ability to exercise a choice that was restricted”.
Now Satan called the fruit a choice piece of fruit so in
other words a “perfect choice” he said could be made.
This choice would cause one to die which means to
give. Satan said, “You will not die but become like God
knowing good and evil.” The fact is when they
disobeyed they did in fact die which means to give, and
what they gave up was their piety and that was all they
possessed that they could give away so they became
naked and ashamed, but God Almighty who is most
merciful forgave them and saved them from waste
which means to become empty. So, instead of wasting
them they were put out into a wasteland or an empty
space. This is most efficient to show what you almost
lost on the inside with what you can see on the outside.
If they had been in a wasteland to begin with, they
would have not known forgiveness, nor would they
appreciate paradise.
This is the instruction: God gave man the ability to
freely choose out of the selection given to him and man
used this handy tool to acquire the capability(which
means “to take”) to choose outside the provided
selection. In other words, God did not give man free
choice to obey or disobey. Man took his God given
ability and missed the point(sinned).
God historically works the same continuous way. One
seed eventually becomes the whole tree. You must grow
through the correct sequence if you try to go around the
proper sequence you will miss the point(sin).
Do not go out of sequence and do not miss the point.
You must worship God first and foremost. They say,
“We have a secret, follow us and we will tell it to you
and you will have good health, wealth and knowledge. “
They say “Think Positive, follow the spiritual laws of
the universe”. They say all these things but what they
really are saying is break sequence. I am saying “I don’t
have a secret, God is Real! Think about God, follow
When you confine your thoughts to prosperity it does
not create prosperity, it creates obsession and that
obsession created dishonesty because the fact is you
don’t need to think about prosperity to be prosperous
you need to worship God in spirit and truth and realize
that God is The Bestower of all good things and He
gives to whom He pleases. Surely this is the straight
When you confine your thoughts to poverty it does not
create poverty, it creates dishonesty and that dishonesty
created obsession because the fact is thinking about
poverty does not create poverty. Realize The Truth:
God is The Bestower of all good things and He gives to
whom He pleases and He refrains from giving to whom
He pleases. God places people in whatever situation for
whatever purpose He chooses.
This is the instruction: Situate yourself in God, that is
the Ultimate achievement. Praise God in all things. In
poverty don’t despair and in wealth don’t forget. The
person who forgets God when he is prosperous has
missed the point(sinned) and like wise the person who
gives into despair in poverty has missed the
point(sinned). Those who forget God in their prosperity
are truly in poverty and likewise those who remember
God in poverty are truly wealthy and God will improve
the condition of His mindful servants. In-fact to be
prosperous in all areas, all one need do is be obedient to
God and His witness. This book is a covenant in which
if you agree with it and submit to God as prescribed.
God will prove Himself to you. You will “Witness The
complaining about God and His messenger for the sake
of desiring the things not given to you the way you want
them, this is fornication and fornication is not what is
generally accepted as meaning a man and a woman
having sex without being married. Fornication is
disobedience to God especially in regards to serving false
Gods and taking up the ways of people who serve false
gods. Sexually Fornication emphasizes immoral
intercourse such as sex with anyone in your immediate
family including 1st and 2nd cousins, aunts and uncles,
sons and daughters and their spouses and any member
of the same sex or animals.
Some will simply not listen, try as you may they will not
[The following is an actual excerpt of a debate that took
place on an atheist website forum. The debate was on
the existence of Hell. It didn’t continue past this one
1. SG wrote:
First and foremost, there is no physical, empirical evidence for the existence of hell (or
heaven for that matter). Being that this is so, my question for you would be why you
believe that there is a hell?
Bodhitharta: Because there is no reason not to believe in Hell anymore than
there is a reason to believe there is no suffering on earth now. In-fact people have
experienced Hellish experiences from the very beginning of time. So is that Hell?
Is being burnt in an oven or someone using your skin as a lamp shade, Hell? Is
being put on a slave ship with Iron chains around your neck and legs Hell? So the
fact is unless you can clearly see the hellish realities in this world, Hell to you will
just be a philosophical argument.
SG Wrote:
There does not seem to be any logical need for a place such as hell. Even if you are a
theist, there isn't a very rational explanation as to why God would need to have created
a hell. Why would he have not simply made man so that he would live for as long as it
took him to attain the purity and piety that most church doctrines say is necessary for
the entry to heaven?
Bodhitharta: Hell was created for the same reason that prisons were created.
Those who are outlaws are responsible for themselves being in prison. Would you
recommend that all the rapist, child molesters and murderers be released from
prison or do you find it Just that repeat offenders be locked up permanently?
SG Wrote:
3. ARGUMENT AGAINST HELL (or heaven for that matter) AS BEING A
As quoted from Bodhitharta's profile...
Bodhitharta Quote:
It has already been pre-determined who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell.
SG Wrote:
If this were true, as you would appear to think, then what would be the point of praying,
going to mass, reading scripture, doing good deeds, etc...? Further, if another life after
this existed and it were already predetermined as to where we would end up... then why
would we even need this life?
Wouldn't you just skip all of the pain and suffering in this lifetime and just go straight
to heaven, where I am assuming you believe that you are going?
And wouldn't it be easier for me to skip straight to hell, as I'm assuming that you
believe I am going to go to, as I am Agnostic?
Bodhitharta: I would like for you to understand what the word determined
means, If you are determined to go to Hell it means that you are doing so with
resolute purpose. The determination of who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell
has been set by such rules that determine the outcome. In other words if you want
to go to heaven simply be determined to go and then with that determination
follow the path of righteousness with honesty and love. God does not send to Hell
those that are determined to please Him.
SG Wrote:
Consider the following bits of catharsis which I like to use in my radio shows...
Two men are walking down the street. The two men had been good friends for years
and were laughing and recounting times past, when an out of control bus swerves
towards the men. Just as the bus is about to hit one of the men, the other man rushes
over and pushes him out of the way, effectively saving the first man's life at the cost of
his own.
The man whose life had been saved was forever grateful that his friend had given his
life that he might live. Years later, when the man died and arrived in heaven, he went
looking for his friend, but an angel told him that his friend was in hell.
"But why is he in hell?" asked the confused man "This man saved my life."
"Yes," said the angel "but he was also an atheist and so he is in hell."
"But it isn't fair." screamed the man, as he broke down in tears at the thought of his
dearest friend in the torments of hell for all eternity.
"No, it isn't fair... but don't yell at me," said the angel "After all, I didn't make up the
rules... I just work here."
The point of this semi-humorous story is to illustrate the common argument that, if
heaven is the greatest thing which one could ever hope to imagine, then how could
anything exist which took away from that greatness?
Bodhitharta: This story is a common misconception of why someone goes to
Hell. A person who goes to Hell is wronging their own soul. How can it be wrong
to give someone what they earned. However, I must state what would the motive
be for the Atheist to save the man? I don't think it would've happened that way. If
you don't believe in life after death you would be way to careful to give your one
and only life away. So, any story like this is always hypothetical.
SG Wrote:
Aside from the story above, another way of telling this argument would be to imagine
that if you had a child, sibling, or parent who did not share in your faith. Then just
imagine how you could be in the eternal bliss that is heaven, with the knowledge that
you cannot interact with them, because they are in hell.
In other words, the argument against hell in this case illustrates how if hell existed, it
would take away from the concept of heaven... and therefore, if one believed in a
heaven, as I am assuming that you do, then hell could not exist.
Bodhitharta: What creates height is depth. How do you know that you have a
wealth of something unless you are aware of its opposite. Does hate take away
from the concept of love or does it magnify the intensity of love. Take a food you
really hate and chew it up. Then take a food you really love and chew that
[Immediately after this exchange I was banned from
posting at this atheist forum.]
Some will never listen they are the ones determined to
go to Hell.
It’s important for you to understand that it is you that
can be determined to be compassionate, be loving, be
forgiving, be merciful...Be determined to remember
God. And, yes it takes willful determination to walk the
straight and perfect path. You are choosing to pray and
you are choosing to submit to God.
Perhaps you will never know how much I love you but
know this, that I loved you so much that I was
determined to assist you find the love of God inside you.
This is the Instruction: Spread this instruction for it is
for the glory of God that I delivered it to you and
anyone who shares this instruction including “Witness
The Real” will be blessed.
40 pages of The Instruction, to ease the burden on those
who find it difficult to read, a little more for those who
find it displeasing to read a little less. Your Lord does not
want to put a heavy yoke on you.
Avoid mischief inside yourself and outside yourself. If
you want a glass to fall and break, either hold it loosely
in your hands or put it very close to the edge when
setting it down on the table, that is how you end up
dropping or knocking over a glass. Hold firm to what
has been given to you and stay centered.
Know the ledge that is the true knowledge if you’re
getting ready to walk away from this instruction your on
the ledge, know that you need to get back to the center
and hold firm to this knowledge. Transforming what is
ignorance to what is understanding is like realizing the
positions of all the objects in a pitch black room upon
Always ponder the words of God and always observe
your surroundings, in this way God manifests direction
to the lost.
This is the Instruction: Any people equal in belief can
never be separated. Believe in God equally that you
might obtain the height of unity. There was a myth
created long ago which was the filthy works of Satan
who said “gods” to mankind. There are no “gods”
Embrace one another in peace with the knowledge that
God is The Embracer of those with a pure heart and He
fills such a heart with peace. Allow no violence or injury
to come from you. Allow no oppression or tyranny to
come from you. However, if violence or injury is used
on you to oppress you or to hinder your worship of
God, then allow injury or violence to come from you
without blame.
Recognize that hypocrisy is mischief and mischief is
worse than violence. Do not ever be mischievous a
hypocrite is an atheist. Embrace God, it is the religion of
peace. God is The King of Peace and peace is a place in
the heart of God. Live in peace.
This is the Instruction: In the end the question is put to
you. Will you take up this covenant? Have you really
submitted to God with all your heart, your soul and
your mind?

Then he is of those who believe and charge one another to show patience, and charge one another to show compassion.