The falliciousness of reincarnation

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It is difficult to believe that there are still adherents to the old agricultural belief in reincarnation. Yet, they appear to be everywhere!

The belief in reincarnation assumes that a person's thought processes are governed by supernatural forces independent of the material body.

Understand this. If there was such a thing as a soul, or "spirit", and there was no need for a material brain to govern thought and feeling, then why would we have one? If we could leave our material bodies and somehow transmit our thoughts into another body, then why bother living a miserable life? Why not just self-destruct and try for a better life?

The fact is, you are the some total of your material properties. From your neural pathways to your physiological properties and biological propensities, you are a material being. There is no immaterial portion that can carry your life experiences or "being" into an afterlife, nor into another life.

I am become death, destroyer of worlds