The fall of Man...?

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I have some problems with the belief that an all knowing all all caring God would set human beings up to fail. He put the tree of knowledge of good and evil up knowing that ultimately our human curiosity would get the best of us.

A minor correction. Curiosity had nothing to do with the fall -- Satan, the only respectable character in the first few chapters of Genesis, explains the Tree of Knowledge very well, by explaining to Eve that if she eats the fruit, she will have knowledge of good and evil, and in that respect, be as god. HE IS NOT LYING HERE.

Eve wasn't 'tricked.'
Curiosity wasn't her cause, either.

The point is this: Why would god want his creation (man)-- which was fully capable of the comprehension of good and evil, ignorant of the very mechinism by which he would obtain salvation, and give his life meaning? This is rediculous. Either god was implicit in man's fall, or he was to stupid to prevent it.

What is the point of existence in a paradise with no knowledge of good and evil? The human experience is lent meaning and purpose by the struggle to choose the hard right over the easy wrong -- this is the essence of consciousness as a member of the human race.

Eve made the right choice, and Lucifer showed her the way. If she hadn't eaten, humanity would continue in a cloud of ignorence, and live pointless lives of existential ignobility in paradise.

I would have eaten the fruit, too.

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RE adam and eve

Ever thought that adam and eve were framed?

Were Adam and Eve Framed?

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beepbeepitsme wrote: Ever

beepbeepitsme wrote:

Ever thought that adam and eve were framed?

Were Adam and Eve Framed?


I've made the same argument, theists typically throw a tantrum when you ask them to respond, or simply insist that adam and eve did know good and evil..... anyway.... 

"Hitler burned people like Anne Frank, for that we call him evil.
"God" burns Anne Frank eternally. For that, theists call him 'good.'