The Ebb and Flow of Reality

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What is hell? What is suffering? Is there such a thing as evil? Or are these just things born in ones mind? Furthermore, how can we as people possibly be able to tell what is borne in ones mind and what isn't? Perhaps our whole world, what we perceive of it, what we consider our homes, etc are just figments of our imagination.

Look at the schizophrenic person, the person who actually believes that those people that he hears are actually around them. The person you see aimlessly wandering the streets of your home town, seeing castles and dragons around him. How is what he sees any more or less real than anything either of us see? And how do we know, actually know and are any more sure or unsure whether or not what we see is any less more or real than what he sees.

Perhaps we think that since hundreds of others see the same thing as we see then it is truly real, but perhaps that man standing on the street corner, surrounded by castle women and knights slaying dragons is the one who is real, and all of us are still dreaming.

Life, reality, existence, its all based on perception. I perceive myself as being in my brothers house, using my brothers computer, therefore, to me, I am. So then, what is reality? Is there an absolute reality, just as some believe that there is an absolute truth and and absolute lie? Or does the saying "someones lie is another mans truth" really fit for everyone?

Is there such a thing as 'universal morals' or a 'universal truth' and furthermore, is there an 'absolute truth' to be found? Or is it true that one needs only prove their absolutes as absolute to themselves for them to be absolute?

I often have people say "if there is no absolute truth then why do we have laws?" I'm never quite sure how to answer them. If the bible is real, why do we still have sinning? If God is proven to exist as so many believe Him to be, then why are there still those who don't believe in God?

I often times feel that a question is best asked with a question, so the asker will find the answer in their own mind, make connections, ties, solve riddles etc themselves. I could give people the answers I see in my mind, but I realize that my truths are only that, my truths and nothing more. I encourage people to find their own truths, their own rights, their own logical ties. If theirs agree with mine, then so be it, if not, so be it. I gain nothing by having people follow my way of thought, though I gain everything if people don't.

Differences in perception and reality is what makes the world colorful. Its what makes me search, struggle to find answers to questions that can be asked in thousands of different languages and have billions of different answers. Differences is what keeps the world from being sedentary, differences is what makes both me, and you, equally right, and equally wrong. Differences is what makes many people find solace in endless searching, people like me.

So what is reality to you?

That question interests me, because every time I ask, I learn a new truth.


Food for Thought:

Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful.

Published on on August 08, 2005

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