Terror Bill


from the whitehouse

And we get bullshit ads like this....


Now the ad isn..t by the news media, but they do give us bullshit story after bullshit story to make us shit a brick over and say nothing about things like our country passing bill that legalize torture. Yes that..s right America the land of the free tortures people, that's what they mean by 'harsh interrogation practices'. Isn't that nice? We are committing war crimes trying to find information that cannot be found out. Torture doesn't work as a good means to find information, but even if it did we wouldn..t be getting information because terrorist work in cells. Meaning one sub-group doesn..t know shit about another. Its like asking a friend of mine what I had for breakfast, they probably won't know. But lets so for a minute all this little groups do share info about there plans would a random low ranking person even know?

Lets go back to my first statement about torture. I said it isn't a good means to find information. I say this because people who are being tortured will say anything to get the torture to stop. Truth is irrelevant, all that matters is to get it to stop at any cost. People have and will say they have done anything or tell you about all sorts of plans, but really all they want is this fucking thing to stop. There is no justification for torture and anyone who says there is one is either ignorant or is really fucked up.

Another vid on it