Stupid moron or foolish idiot?

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It just seems to me that humans are unsuitable for life on this planet. I mean, look at people. Either they are all foolish morons yelling and screaming about things they know nothing about, or they are stupidly sitting around wishing that the world would conform to their expectations.

People are, quite simply, dumb.

So we have people running around trying to force, by arms and by dogmatic assertion, others to believe in invisible gods, magic, and "higher powers". Dumb! Still others state that they support "reason", yet uphold religious morals and ideals as valid. Dumb!

Is there any intelligent life on this planet at all?

People argue all the time in support of their views, yet their arguments typically seem to be of the nature that you must agree with them or you are stupid. That is DUMB! If you are going to argue any view, you must adhere to the rules of argumentation. First among them is, you must accept that you could be wrong! If you aren't willing to accept that possibility, then you shouldn't open your mouth!

If you not only acquiesce to governmental authority, but also believe that laws are somehow divinely writ, then you are dumb! There are bad laws. There are laws that are predicated on erroneous ideas, personal biases, and religious values. Legislators are often bigoted, and they often make laws that represent their own personal interests!

Really, there is not another creature that can surpass man in pure stupidity. It's a wonder that we survived at all. Even more so that we became the dominant species. If there had been a god, he would have to have been drunk upon giving rise to mankind.

I am become death, destroyer of worlds