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As a Community of Free Thinkers, even though we are united in common with the cause of atheism and rationality, there will inevitably be various topics that we disagree on. With the topics of agreement covered pretty well by the various other authors on this site, I'm mostly left with the topics of disagreement.
In a way, this makes it more interesting.
It means that the essays will be instantly under the scrutiny of their opponents compared to many other essays on this site that are mostly read by people who already agree.

Incase you're feeling that bringing up such topics would be divisive, remember the nature of freethought and rationality. It's through discussing these topics that one of two things happen - we either defend ourselves against objections making our position stronger than ever, or we recognise that our previous position has been refuted and adopt the stronger one. These are all topics that we must face sooner or later in our search for truth. Let the evolution of our community commence!