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I was watching a clip this morning involving a tiny, 17 yo girl who has attempted suicide 3-4 times over the last year. She's visibly twitchy, nervous and shy.

It seems that she was married off to a 60 year old man when she was 12. He beat her almost daily. Her family told her repeatedly that this was her lot in life, and to go back to her husband and just be a good and obedient wife. Such is life in Afghanistan for thousands of girls.

At around 16, she couldn't take it anymore and with the help of a childhood friend, she slipped across the border into Pakistan. Her freedom was short lived. Her brother tracked her down, and attacked her and her friend with an axe, killing the boy she was with and inflicting horrendous wounds on her frail body. He was there to protect his family 'honor'. Deep gashes covered her upper body and part of her brain was visible....

The doctors worked on her, saving her life...
Since she was by custom and law a 'non-person' because of her actions, the Doctors had to spend their own money to acquire the life saving medications she needed. The government wanted nothing to do with her.

Her family considered her dead. Finally, a woman's group in Pakistan took her in, offering her shelter and emotional support. Her voice is just a whisper, her fingers quiver as she pulls back her head scarf to show the camera her scarred, mutilated face. Her eyes dart back and forth, fear and flight just below the surface always...

The emotion that fills her days? Shame...

Allah Akbar?

[Bill Moody]

Christianity: A disgusting middle eastern blood cult, based in human sacrifice, with sacraments of cannibalism and vampirism, whose highest icon is of a near naked man hanging in torment from a device of torture.

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This is not just Muslims,

This is not just Muslims, some in the Hindu and Sikh and even LDS have child bride sects. Mind you not all but this is a relic of a very sexist past. Islam still seems today to have the most leftover sexism. It is still stuck in it's own dark ages.


But shit like this no matter the country or the religion makes my blood boil.


I've said it before and I will say it again. Any religion or culture that cant or wont allow girls or women to make their own life choices deserves nothing but scorn and contempt.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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It's all part of the "master

It's all part of the "master plan", free will, fate and what other nonsense you can come up with; because its easier to put the blame on something that doesn't exist.