Save Linville Gorge

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This is a petition to save a small area in North Carolina called Linville Gorge. Maybe of you don't really know the area, but it is a 200 sq mi park which the government wants to do a controlled burn in, but they haven't weighed all the pros and cons.

There are over 200 homes in the gorge which would be put in jepordy along with endangered species of plants and wildlife.

The only reason the government wants to do the burn is that want to kill off some of the plants and trees which do not belong there. They wish to return the park to an oak and pine area, but they would be better off just going in and cutting down and removing the plants manually (as they have done for decades).

If you feel up to it, please click on the link and sign. Also feel free to post this link at an other sources. We need 499 more signatures!