Sam Harris on The Rational Response Squad Tonight!

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Tonight Sam Harris joins the Rational Response Squad just several days after the release of his new book, Letter to a Christian Nation. The first half of our show will deal specifically with methodology of ending irrational religious belief. Join us in the chatroom, log in and listen from at 9pm est.


Other points of interest:

-- We have a promotional contest to win free copies of Sam Harris books, including at least one signed copy of his book. Everyone that participates receives a free copy of tonight's show via the messaging system of our message boards. Here are all the rules and details.

-- Our own Brian Sapient was interviewed by the Secular Student Alliance about the creation of our newest effort: Details and free download located here.

-- We've been building one of the most extensive libraries of atheist and freethought videos available anywhere on the Internet. Most notable of which is Religion is "The Root of all Evil?" by Richard Dawkins and "A Rough History of Disbelief." Videos will continuously be added. Here is where the library is located.

-- An excellent way to help support the Squad and their efforts is to purchase all of your Amazon products through our Amazon affiliate store. We get a small portion of all sales, and you can access every item they sell. Here is the store.

-- Special thanks to "Bjxrn" who recently purchased a new webcam for us. Our next recording date is October 21st, look forward to Kelly removing her shirt for one of the shows, as a thank you gift to BJXRN for the purchase of the new camera. Our recording session is viewable from our homepage on recording dates.

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