Sam Harris on Scarborough Country MSNBC (8 minutes)

Sam Harris on Scarborough Country MSNBC (8 minutes) October 28, 2004 Sam Debates Ralph Reed former head of Christian Coalition

Sam Harris debates Ralph Reed, former head of the Christian Coalition. See host Laura Ingraham announce to the world that stem-cell research shows no medical promise whatsoever (LUNACY!).

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Wow. She was bitching about

Wow. She was bitching about people being bias when she was being extremely so. I think we should use this to show an example of true hypocracy when people accuse the RRS of it.

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Insane Woman

She actually said that stem cell research wasn't promising in medical research and that the majority of cases result in people getting tumours.

Eh wtf. She is one crazy bitch.

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I thought reporters were

I thought reporters were supposed to be unbiased.

The fact that this woman is hosting a news program is frightening.

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