Tonights show in stickam will consist primarily of ridicule

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Tonights show in stickam will consist primarily of ridicule

Access the RRS radio show tonight live online:

Kelly unveils a new hair color, tonight!

Tonights Rational Response Squad broadcast at 8pm est will consist primarily of ridiculing a few of humanities less logical individuals. Such an event should serve as a warning shot to people who embrace dishonest and illogical argumentation, that there are people who will laugh at you for acting in such a manner. All of tonights idiots have the distinction of also being highly arrogant and claiming intellectual authority while logical people expose their beliefs.

We as a society should not want to be laughed at for acting in a manner that is in direct opposition to reason. We as a society should want better for ourselves. We as a society need to remind people that when they act stupid, there are a group of individuals that will make an example out of you for the betterment of society.

Don't be fooled, tonights targets include at least two Christians, a Jew, an atheist, and a man claiming to be an agnostic philosopher. This is not an attack on religion or irreligion it is an attack on stupidity, hypocrisy, and dishonesty.

Here are the targets...

Latinijral: He's been banned from many atheist forums. He's had his trollish question ripped apart on two seperate forums (banned from both), and he's come here to troll. Here is his thread.

Marty Fields: A Presbyterian Reverend who posted a few times on our site as "Pastor McFly." An arrogant condescending prick, he has come on to defend himself from this refutation and outed himself as a presuppositionalist. If you've been following, this would put him in the most retarded camp that theism has to offer. Here is a refutation of TAG (presup'ers), the most irrational defense of God that exists on the planet today.

The Saint: The Saint is in denial. He has been exposed as a dishonest or poor thinker quite a few times in both this thread and this thread, involving Jacob Stein and Marty Fields. He is a Christian but seems to worship the ad hominem attack and the god of muddied waters more than Jesus, unless of course Jesus would be a condescending arrogant prick who is full of shit as well.

Jacob Stein: A man claiming to be a Jewish Philospher who has us severely perplexed. Kelly wrote about him here as he seemed like a worthy target, he seemed to at least try to defend his views in various posts on his own site. He has come aboard our site and offered defenses to her refutation along the same vein of a 14 year old troll who has no interest in rational discourse. His opening argument (and almost the entire argument) against Kelly's refutation was an ad hominem attack in which he said "You are middle aged, lonely, unmarried and have a cat. You are depressed about your wasted life which you have spent pursuing rainbows." His follow up responses offered not a single shred of anything resembling a defense, he offered very little more than ad hominem attacks after having his ass mopped up by Kelly. Jacob Stein, you are the intellectual weakling of the week, congrats!

Joshua Ryan Dellinger: Here is the synopsis of Joshua as stated by a member of our community, Mazid the Raider...

Kelly and Brian from the Rational Responders respond (out of exasperation) to a mewling, pathetic simpleton named Joshua Ryan Dellinger. Supposedly, this... person... considers himself irreligious, but behaves just like a xian trying to be sneaky. It's a great read. They both rip this pompous moron matching sets of new assholes - several, in fact.

Mr. Dellinger oozes ignorance from every pore, trumps up his own worth in the face of overwhelming proof that he has no idea what he's talking about, and throws out challenges to "debate" according to HIS rules. I hope that kid reads what they have to say. I REALLY hope he does. Maybe then he'll get a loan and try to do something about his intellectual bankruptcy.

 Bryan Cox, Voice of Reason, Freewind: Claims atheist websites hate him because of how bad he can destroy atheism. Yet in actuality he seems to embrace ideals of arrogance, hypocrisy, and dishonesty. Read the thread to witness a grown man act like a kindergarten student.

Ferre: If you beat him in an argument he's likely to tell you that it's because you are circumcised, or something equally as stupid, we can't exactly figure him out. A Weird Al Yankovic look alike who knows he is smarter than you simply because he knows two languages. Did we mention he lives in a country where almost everyone learns two languages? When he's exposed he whines and changes the subject by acting 12.


And there you have it, your idiots of the week.

If you're not on the list congratulations to you. Keep it up!