The Rational Response Squad disclaimer (audio)

Darth Josh told me last night how the radio disclaimer is one of his favorite sound bites in RRS history, and I'm inclined to agree with him.  For those that don't know the technicals on it... it's my voice sped up 1.5 times. 

So here's a little slice of RRS history, a download for the disclaimer that was played on our show.  Enjoy!  

You can still hear a bunch of free archived material here.






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 Love this !*sigh*makes me

 Love this !


makes me miss the show   Smiling

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lol. I caught most of it,

lol. I caught most of it, but it's too fast to get it all on one listen.

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Vastet wrote:lol. I caught

Vastet wrote:
lol. I caught most of it, but it's too fast to get it all on one listen.


I have asserted that Sapient had that in his subconscious when he was assembling this. lol.

Every week I found another piece of it funnier than the last. I had the shorter one set for a ringtone on my old phone.

My ultimate favorite has always been "Now with new plastic applicator."


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