Rook Hawkins on Paul, James and the Brother of Jesus Christ

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Hey there, I’m Rook Hawkins and thanks for taking the time to read this 32 page document covering two very important aspects of Christianity and establishing the historicity of Jesus.

The first thing covered here is, as you can well see, Paul. There are tons of misconceptions about Paul and what he believed and it’s vital to look critically at what he wrote. It’s also important to understand that out of the many NT works attributed to Paul, only 4-6 are considered to be authentic written works of the holy man. So establishing which works are true to thumb and which aren’t are also touched on.

The reason why what Paul believes is important is that for centuries theists have claimed that Paul is the only real verifiable account of Jesus’ life. They claim this because as his books are not only canonical but he was the first leader of the Church. He was the first to embrace what today Christians consider to be the most utopian aspects of their religion. If it were shown that Paul did not believe in Jesus as a historical person, and that he never really came into contact with the apostles (as is claimed in Acts), we see the collapse of every aspect of what some consider to be “evidence” of this figures existence.

The second important facet of this dialog below is to discuss the nature of James. James’ existence is considered widely to be evidence for Jesus in and of itself. Although some sects of Christian detest the idea that Jesus had siblings, many hold to the fact that a James is mentioned in the gospels and by Paul, and then again in Josephus as a way to assume that the James is also evidence of Jesus.

So, below is a very long commentary depicting what is stated above, critically examined and researched by several people, including myself and Dennis McKinsey. Enjoy.

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