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Hey folks,

I need some help finding articles for my massive blogathon (future book and movie) in which I'm responding to as many leading theists as I can in one year through my blog. If anybody sees anything that you think I should respond to, please submit it in this thread.

Types of stories I need:

  • Major print media (hopefully with an online link as well)
  • Author of article should be a well known theist, or at the minimum a frequent theist writer, preferably leaders of orgs, thinktanks, or pundits.
  • Most preferable articles are op-eds posted in papers that are likely to reprint my rebuttal. (the less conservative the publication, the better)
  • If you read a story that is printed in the paper and it is not available online, please scan the article and send me the scan via email: Kelly aT __

Other things you can do to help:

  • Subscribe to my blog feed.
  • Compile a list of email addresses to major newspapers for op-ed submission. I promise to share this list with a bunch of important atheist authors.
  • Scoping the online newspaper sites of the most liberal or diverse papers in the world, compiling pertinent email addresses to send our pieces to, and send those addresses to us via email.
  • Repost my writings anywhere you want, please just link to my original on this site.
  • Use services like Reddit, Digg, and Stumbleupon to promote my blog posts throughout the year.
  • Subscribe to Brian Sapient's blog, Rook Hawkin's blog, and our Main Alerts RSS feeds to always be informed.
  • Help us advertise RRS or pay for the server that hosts all of the sister sites that currently receive free hosting via Gizmo/RRS

  • Thanks so much,

    Kelly (and Sapient)

    (enjoying this Thanksgiving on RRS work, eating Chinese food, as we give thanks to each other for our companionship)

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Are there any areas you

Are there any areas you would like to respond to particulary?

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Articles to respond to? You

Articles to respond to? You mean, you're having trouble finding material for posts? With over 400 atheist blogs going strong, I find this hard to believe. Maybe you can clarify what kind of articles you are seeking.

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Well, I specifically want to

Well, I specifically want to respond to major media figures like D'Souza, I need articles from print media preferably so I can deconstruct their bullshit. I'm trying to do mostly response pieces instead of just posting my thoughts.

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Got it. I'll try to be on

Got it. I'll try to be on the lookout for articles along these lines and send them your way. I've almost recovered from this ( and can bring myself to venture back to mainstream media.

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Okay, look for articles by

Okay, look for articles by theists, the more famous and recent the better. Got it.

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well can the right wing get any worse?

If you need anything in print about the right wing.  There is an article on a Gov huckabee from Arkansas in the rolling stone issue 1040 nov 29th.  He is so far right wing he makes the current president look like a liberal.  he goes as far as to be quoted as to where we non belivers will be in coming time.  he also has illegally stopped abortions due to his personal beliefs.  If no one else has sent something into the ADSN then someone should.  This guy wants to enforce his view and "his gods" will on America.

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dixon103 wrote: If you

dixon103 wrote:

If you need anything in print about the right wing. There is an article on a Gov huckabee from Arkansas in the rolling stone issue 1040 nov 29th. He is so far right wing he makes the current president look like a liberal. he goes as far as to be quoted as to where we non belivers will be in coming time. he also has illegally stopped abortions due to his personal beliefs. If no one else has sent something into the ADSN then someone should. This guy wants to enforce his view and "his gods" will on America.

Please provide links in the future.  Would anyone like to find this article and link it?  It sounds very worthy. 

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"And then there's this asshole..."

OK, so he doesn't normally do much in the major print media, but he's certainly high profile. And yes, my tongue is pressing ever so slightly into my cheek as I type this, but how about our good friend Mr. Ratzinger?

 His homilies, letters & various other pious ramblings can be found at

Stop that... It's silly.

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here is the huckabee link

now all can see what we will be up against if he makes president.  I'm not one to mud sling against a politirion, but this guy could be dangerous for those that are not god fearing or non babtist.

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D'Souza Strikes Again !!!

Hey Kell,

Check out this article I found in the Phila. Inquirer today.

This guy really sugar-coated an obvious suppression of scientific advancement.

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The Golden Controversy

Oh Jeezy Creezy, I almost forgot this one. It seems there is a little controversy over the soon to be released movie, The Golden Compass.

Apparently Bill Donahue, the Catholic League president wants a boycott of this film. I seriously doubt he has even seen the trailer.

It is quite strange that he never uttered a word when Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" was to be released. I guess a guy getting tortured for 2 hrs, is within the christian tolerance zone, but any mention of witches, warlocks or strange demons, sends them off the deep end.

Anyway, here is what some other sites are saying about this subject:,,20156335,00.html,2933,305487,00.html


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"Program aims to hone students’ intellectual skills, preparing them to take their conservative Christian beliefs into public-sector jobs"

An article from the Colorado Springs Gazette about yet another fundie college grooming their lemmings for a political takeover. Not sure if this is the kind of article you want.  Do you only want articles from theologians, or are articles on the subject of religion alright too?   One thing I noticed while searching is that it's easy to find these articles in conservative papers, not so easy otherwise.  If you want to go to the trouble, find a more liberal paper, or magazine and see if they would be interested in hosting an alternative article to those in the conservative ones.  If you could do that you could have a field day on articles from publications like World Net Daily.  Maybe if you only get one shot at it make the peice on a big subject like Christian-Right bigotry or politicians and pundits pushing their religious beliefs to be laws.


"They always say the same thing; 'But evolution is only a theory!!' Which is true, I guess, and it's good they say that I think, it gives you hope that they feel the same about the theory of Gravity and they might just float the f**k away."

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Sticks and stones

Just some more muslim crybabies....

Teacher locked up for submitting to the will of her students.

Oh my Allah, they called a teddy bear, Muhammed.


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"Major print Media" Well, I

"Major print Media" Well, I suppose the Associated Press and Reuters are "major" though I don't know how many print papers are going to run the story.


"Prominent theist" You don't get much more prominent than this guy.


Pope Criticizes Atheism in Encyclical


The best bit:

" But he said the idea that mankind can do what God cannot by creating a new salvation on Earth was "both presumptuous and intrinsically false."

"It is no accident that this idea has led to the greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice," he wrote. "A world which has to create its own justice is a world without hope."


 I wonder if they taught him moral obfuscation in the Hitler Youth?





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Would John Haught's

Would John Haught's Salon-magazine online interview  The Atheist Delusion be worth taking a swipe at? It seems like such inane drivel.

He claims that to be a consistent atheist, you must be a nihilist, that science is some sort of religion, that gawd answers prayers according to his whims, and that Jesus Christ's resurrection could not have been recorded with a camera, because it was too important an event to have suffered something so crass as that.

He is on "our" side about evolution, criticizing "God of the gaps" and "intelligent design" in his testimony at the Dover trial, but I don't think that he should be allowed off the hook for that. Especially as he criticizes the "New Atheists", like Richard Dawkins.

Some other bloggers have criticized him, notably PZ Myers the Pharyngula guy in Theological inanity.