Every demand of peace and

religion of peace every peaceful state isn't positive. Say you are lost in the mountains, being chased by a beast, what is the beast’s idea of peace? It wants you to shut the chaos of rebellion and silently give in and be its food, rendering it a hearty peaceful meal. What is the idea of “peace” for a man enslaving a dozen men and women, merely for labor? He sees peace in their life long submission into slavery. Any rebellion on the part of his slaves disturbs not only his own peace of mind but also the peace of the workplace. Have this beast or this master ever questioned their acts? I would say the former is incapable of doing so, while the latter can, but doesn’t do so. Because, questioning is likely to result in lost of his present peace of mind, and that is enough reason to be in denial of his evil doing. The strength of this denial is proportional to the duration of such a way of life and inversely proportional to the man's age at imbibition of such ideas.

Here, meet an average non-terrorist muslim. Take a closer look as to why and how his religion dictates him to bring about peace. All these arguments for “religion of peace” may or may not rest within the mind of a single muslim or a single group of muslims. But carefully seen, at least one of these reflect the idea of “peace” in any “practicing” muslim (does not apply to those blasphemers who prefer to call themselves as “muslims” for cultural reasons or for fear of execution).

  1. We are peaceful people, peacefully teaching islam to our children, making them read quran, the only true word of god, since they were young. But when you teach science to our children and make them question the word of god, make them blaspheme out of our ways, you disturb our peace.
  2. There is peace in our family because our women follow what we say. When women choose not to do so, the peaceful state is disturbed and we have to use our religious laws to punish her and bring back peace into our peace loving family.
  3. We are very protective of our women, we would lose our peace when they get sexually fantasized by other men. Hence we take precautionary measures, we keep our women (as young as 3, because quran does not dictate an age of eligibility for sexual contact, so we infer there isn't one) indoors as far as we can, bar them automobiles and gadgets and social accounts on the internet. But since that cannot be done with perfection, especially since kafirs have made the world so fast, we need the age-old remedy from blocking other men to see the beauty of our women, the burqa. But according to the quran, the kafir women are slaves, and lustfully staring at them, molesting, capturing, raping and killing them are all right.
  4. Aisha peacefully agreed to marry our prophet mohammed at age 6, agreed to his “thighing” between ages 6 and 9, and peacefully agreed to consummation of marriage at age 9. We peacefully see that our girls follow suite. But when the kafirs try to change this, tell us that what our idol mohammed did was wrong, our peace is disturbed and we have to fight to restore this peace.
  5. We are peace loving muslims who don’t join the terrorists, even as we read about their jihadi acts in newspapers. But when people mock our ideal man, the messenger of allah, with cartoons, our peace is disturbed and we need to kill the cartoonist to teach the world that they shall never do such acts to disturb our peace.



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Islam isn't the problem;

Islam isn't the problem; it's the culture.

Christianity was once just like Islam a long, long time ago. Any one remember the history? Christians burning people at the stake? Thumb screws? The Crusades? All in the name of god? Blaming others for their misfortunes because they were different.

We, those of us with some education and common sense, know that the assholes who "run" the terrorist organizations are doing this shit for their god. It's for their egos. They want power. They want control. They want riches.

Only the solo artist does things actually for their god. These are the mental cases that think they personally speak with their god and that god said, "strap a bomb on to your body and go blow yourself up in the middle of the temple".

Every thing else is complete bullshit. The leaders of Al-Ki Duh are no better than our own government. The main difference is that one is really well organized and the other is a small band of rebels trying gain control beyond hoodlum status.


The very idea of a religion

The very idea of a religion of peace is quite laughable. Maybe if your religion involves no supernatural beings, but in that case, it becomes more of a philosophy than anything. A religion almost by definition has to proclaim it's right about something for which it can have no evidence. Now unless all of those baseless claims happen to also be peaceful (very rare), then it is not a religion of peace.

But yes, very good write-up. This is not speaking of the radicals at all. Also, when the radicals DO commit an atrocity, we must first defend our religion, before condemning the radicals, lest somebody try to criticize it! 


Theists - If your god is omnipotent, remember the following: He (or she) has the cure for cancer, but won't tell us what it is.

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Yeah I agree with you - peace is a subjective mental concept, isn't it. And what might be peace to one side may come at the expense of the subjugation of the other. 

Then there's context. What is the context in which violence against those who contest your assertions becomes morally consistent?

In order to avoid being called islamophobic I generally just insist that any argument conducted using threats is irrational - that means any threatening argument contained in any doctrine. 

If the argument contains a threat, or an ad hominem fallacy (insult), then it can be discarded without further ado. 

Monotheism says that all humans are evil and deserve to die. It then says that all who question this unfounded ad hominem fallacy will be burned alive. 

If a child used these arguments - insults and threats - as part of a debate in class they'd be suspended from school.

But here we see these irrationalities festering at the core or our 'morality' cults.

No wonder so much of the world is in flames. 



"Experiments are the only means of knowledge at our disposal. The rest is poetry, imagination." Max Planck