Rational Response Text Input box working again for all browsers!

For the last few months we were dealing with an error in which people were having a hard time posting on RationalResponders.com in browsers other than Firefox.

I am happy to report that this issue has been resolved.  Please stop by and post your scathing attacks on religion, with any browser!

Or if you're one of the folks who still believes in ancient fairy tales, please stop by and ask any question you can think of that will help you abandon your ridiculously ignorant beliefs!




In Rationality,

Brian Sapient

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You mean it will work with

You mean it will work with my 286? Big deal, what if I have a mainframe with punch cards?


Just being silly. Good to hear, more people posting and more traffic. Smiling

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When I was your age we used

When I was your age we used words like "baud" and prhases like "dial up". And we bought our porn at a store.

 Fix one thing and another

 Fix one thing and another breaks.  Damn... sorry the website was down for over 12 hours.