Rational Response Squad weekend events

This weekend is another weekend of recording for the Rational Response Squad. You're invited to a behind the scenes look at our recording session. Check out our stickam via our homepage. Rook and Sapient will likely turn it on tonight, and it'll run all day tommorrow from when we awake, to bed time. Tommorrow we kick it off with an interview of Sam Harris at 1pm est. Submit questions for Sam, here.

Additionally if you have interest in appearing on the show, we have a little window of opportunity, tommorrow afternoon. Read this thread for details. (also linked above stickam player on homepage)

Tonight at 9pm est the Rational Response Squad hosts will be in the Freethoughtmedia.com chatroom accessible from www.rationalresponders.com. The show featuring Richard Carrier and discussion about his dissertation for his PhD will air immediatly following "Live with the Infidel Guy."

FREETHINKING TEENS! Join the unification of freethinking teens at www.FreeThinkingTeens.com!

Stay Rational,

Rational Response Squad Staff