Rational Response Squad SALE, and win $500!

SPECIAL SALE ON RATIONAL SHIRTS AND GEAR We're currently working on enhancing the Rational Response Squad CafePress store and while we do it we're selling everything at the least expensive levels we ever intend to sell them at! This sale will only last for several weeks, we will give you another warning when the store is finished and the sale will end one week later. This is your chance to pick up RRS related gear very inexpensively! RRS T-Shirts as cheap as $10! Pick up Atheist Volunteers gear and wear it on May 3rd when we hold an International Blood Drive on the National Day of Prayer. While theists engage in a completely worthless act other than to reinforce their own self delusions, we'll be engaging in an act that we can prove through science will actually benefit the world.


Take advantage of a special price for shows 41-60 via paypal, you don't have to have a paypal account to use paypal! Shows 41-60 include a very wide cross section of different types of RRS shows. You'll receive access to a special page that allows you to download cd quality mp3s to your hard drive!


Take the Humanist Values Challenge! Tons of youtubers showed up to proclaim what they don't believe in, let's show people that we can stand up for what we do believe in! Take the Humanist Values Challenge and win $500!


Spare laptop computer?
Do you have a spare laptop computer with at least 512 ram and a 1.5 ghz processor? We are in need of one. (Rook will soon be without a computer if we don't get one) Write to [email protected] if you can donate one, or if you would like to sell one to us at a very low price.


FFRF Rally on Supreme Court Steps to stand up against faith based initiatives! WHERE: The Steps of the United States Supreme Court WHEN: February 28th

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The Rational Response Squad

Susan, Achilles, the rest of

Susan, Achilles, the rest of the crew... let me know if you did or didn't get this in an email. You should have it by midnight tonight.

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I got the newsletter at 5:28

I got the newsletter at 5:28 PM CST today.


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I got two (both of my

I got two (both of my accounts)