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For many of you this is your first Rational Response Squad newsletter, we previously weren't mailing it to everyone. We just recently corrected the error. This newsletter will be short and sweet.                                PLEASE HELP KEEP THE RRS ACTIVE AND FLOURISHING:                  http://www.rationalresponders.com/donations_requested_please       Give the gift of atheism this Christmas season!

Sapient wrote:RRS Newsletter

   Yes !   I have a question ? Will there be a Christmas show this year ? 

 I'm not sure Ken.

 I'm not sure Ken.  Possibly for a portion of the day.  I might be spending a portion with family this year, Grandmom told me she was gonna hunt me down if I didn't show up to a family dinner once in a while.  She's already got me hooked for Thanksgiving, it'll be the first time in 5 years.  I suppose doing a Christmas show for a portion of the day should be easy enough.  I guess you want one?

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Who would want to hear the

Who would want to hear the voice of a godless cootie spreader? Not me. I am going to be praying for baby Jesus.