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Tonight 9 pm est on the Rational Response Squad: Hip Hop atheism We'll be joined by MrGAWN, CapnAwesome, and Syqnys. We'll complete the show with a song from our newest member, Greydon Square. Fans of hip hop wont want to miss this one! Join us in the webcam room with Sapient and other RRS members. _______________________

Sunday evening there will be a Rational Response Squad Party in our webcam room! We'll start at 4 est by re-airing the Hip Hop Atheism show, from 6-8 we'll have open conversation, 8pm we'll re-air wifeswap joined in chat by Jinxi and Steve (the shows atheist participants), and then we'll proceed to watch The God Who Wasn't There movie as we're joined by Brian Flemming in the stickam chat room. You'll want to get a stickam account if you don't have one to avoid hearing beeps when people type in text. GET ALL THE DETAILS!


The Friendly Atheist recently interviewed Sapient in text, check it out.


Rook Hawkins is working on a thesis on the Gnostics, and how and where they came from. It focuses on the origins of Christianity, and as a consequence of his conclusions, he will have shown a lack of need for there to have been a Historical Jesus (in fact there wasn't one)! You can learn more about Rook's thesis by checking out www.rationalresponders.com and going into his Mythicism forum: The Jesus Mythicist Campaign!

Please help Rook get all of the resources he needs for this important project. Details are here.

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