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Tonight on the Rational Response Squad we'll rip apart Scientology. Tune in here at 9pm est.

Also join us in the chatroom.

The God Who Wasn't There Movie is now selling at a dramatically reduced price for the holiday season so you can give the gift of reason to your favorite Christian. For each purchase you make approximately one dvd will be given by us to a Christian, simply if they ask for it.

Purchase the movie here for as low as $2.40: http://www.endchristmas.com/purchase_movies_for_christians

The War on Christmas is about to get underway. Make sure to visit the EndChristmas.com forums as they get busy.
We've got a new stickam video chat room, and people are loving it! You've got to check it out but you'll need a stickam account first. You don't need a webcam or a mic as their is a text chat as well. 12 users are able to video conference at once plus a large amount of users in text, the theme of the room is "Reason vs. Faith" so pass the word on to your theist friends. You're likely to find Sapient, Rook, Jake, and the Infidel Guy in the room at any given point. Brian Flemming has also joined the room and we hope to have other atheist well-knowns frequent the room from time to time.

Here is how you access the room: http://stickiwidgets.com/widgets/chatroom_redirect.cgi?chatroom=ReasonvsFaith

We still have an important essay contest we would like you to get involved in! Check it out here.

The Richard Dawkins interview with the Rational Response Squad is a free download. (right click save as)

You can also view our interview with Dawkins amongst other videos we've posted on YouTube:

Please purchase a show package to support the Rational Response Squad. We're complete up to show 40. Review packages here.

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Sapient and Rook