Rational Responders network of sites back online

 We apologize if we ruined your afternoon with the outage of our network of sites.  We are now back online and ready for you to respond rationally to religion! 

Check us out at:



Please visit and make sure your favorite atheist sites are listed on the largest list ever compiled: http://www.atheismunited.com/wiki/Huge_list_of_atheist_agnostic_skeptic_humanist_websites


In Rationality,

Rational Site Administration

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Glad to hear it

 Glad to hear it. I was already starting to have withdrawal symptoms.  Smiling

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I was on when it went down.

I was on when it went down. Had me worried. Tried logging into facebook to check it out there, but my PS3 and facebook don't get along. Glad to see everything back. Smiling

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To quote Glen Close in Fatal

To quote Glen Close in Fatal Attraction, "I will not be ignored DAN!"(Note to self: Did I think that or type it)


You scared the ever living shit out of me dude, don't ever do that again Mr or I will wag my finger at you!