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Samuel Thomas Poling, Blog 125, Prostitution


(I always wanted to start a blog like that.)

It's legal. I haven't ever viewed any, but I know that if I ever wanted to, I could. And that's the way it should be. Because viewing pornography, and making pornography, doesn't hurt or force anything on anyone. When it does, that aspect of it is outlawed, as it should be. Like child pornography, for example. The children are too young to give consent and yatta yatta yatta. Porn laws are pretty good the way they currently are.

But this blog isn't about Porn. I've defended porn in blogs in the past anyways. No, today I'm talking about something similar. Prostitution.

What are the currently dominating laws concerning Prostitution? Well, let's compare the pornography laws and see what it should be.

In porn, you consent for the sex, as in it's your choice, and you get paid for it.
In prostitution, you consent for the sex, as in it's your choice, and you get paid for it.
Porn is legal. Ergo, prostitution is legal.
Porn and Prostitution are the same thing, except in porn there is a camera.

However, there is something funny about all this. Prostitution, in almost every state, is not legal. Huh. Fancy that.

Prostitution is having sex with someone for money.

Here it is, the official definition.

"Prostitution is defined as "the act or practice of engaging in sexual activity for money or its equivalent" (Garner 1999, p. 1238). Except for parts of Nevada, it is a criminal act in the United States."

That, that act described in that definition, is official illegal.
However, it is also exactly what porn stars are doing.
And get this, that's legal.

Ladies and Gentlemen, with that said, I have the intellectual justification to say the following:
You either believe both prostitution and porn should be legal, you believe both should be illegal, or you are a genuine, complete, and totally retarded moron.
No one can say one should be at a different legal standing than the other and not be contradicting themselves. No one can say that the way things are is justified without being a shameful embarrassment to the collective intelligence of this country. It is impossible.

So which is it? Which must change? Should porn become illegal or should prostitution become legal? Which change should be made? This is a good question to ask because with its answer you can tell if someone is good or if someone is evil. It is a perfect dividing line between good and evil, perfect. A lot of things come in shades of gray, but baby, not this.
If you say prostitution should become legal, you are an intelligent, good human being. If you say it should remain illegal and porn should be banned, you are a shallow, stupid, twisted piece of slime.

On what grounds do I stand to make this claim? Easy. You're telling other people who they can and can't have sex with, and who they can and can't give money to. That's all there is to it. You are trying to make choices for other people's sex lives and force it on them. That is not only disgusting, but it's perfectly contradicting the definition of freedom and liberty. Sorry, you're a tyrant. And a very disgusting one at that.

In the case of prostitution, two people are consenting to sex. One is also consenting to gifting money. Nothing about any of that is illegal, until both are done at the same time. Then it becomes Satan's doing. Then it becomes evil.

Those bad prostitutes doing what they want with the Majorities property; their body. How terrible of them. We all know we don't our own bodies. It's the majority who own it, and everything. If you neighbors vote they want it to do and not to do certain things, hey, it's only democracy. And democracy = freedom! Ergo, you being forced not to have sex for money is Liberty!

How could prostitutes do that? You can't sell something you don't own! But it's not just those evil prostitutes, it's also those who take advantage of their services! Who do they think they are, using America's money like that? America has made it clear they don't own that money, they can't buy things with it, and they can't even give it away! Bad use of money pal. You know that's not really your money when your collective neighbors say it isn't. How evil of you.

For two people to consent to sex being illegal is obviously evil. That's why we also have to teach Abstinence Only in schools, and also illegalize gay rights as much as we can. Anything that isn't our personal pretty picture of love. Oh, and don't forget to say "the land of the free" in the pledge, after you've conformed to every life style we've forced on you - at gun point if necessary.

Jesus Christ, ladies and gentlemen, I and dieing to know - How can Americans sleep at night! They so blatantly and obviously contradict themselves everywhere! They force life styles on others and then call this a free country. There is no way that a human being can be this retarded. It isn't even possible to be this stupid. I highly doubt they're even evolved yet.

You are born, you accept Jesus Christ and work to put him in the government. Don't take any kind of drugs at all, even if it hurts no one else. That's not your body, it's ours! Well, you can have booze and tobacco, because we really like booze and tobacco. You don't have sex until your married, which, by the way, can never be with a man. You never pay in any way, shape, or form, for sex, at all, unless a camera crew is involved so we can watch it, because we're hypocritical contradictory freaks. And if you burn the flag along the way, even if it's a flag you own, we're coming after you, because you really don't own it, like you don't own your money, your life, your values, your liberties, your choices, your sex, or your bodies. No, it's ours. The majority. We own it. And if you fight back, we'll laugh at you! We'll threaten hell! We'll call your immoral, evil. We'll hire men and women, call them people of honor, gives them badges and guns (weapons we also want to take from you), send them to your homes and have them drag you off to cages called "correctional faculties" so you'll learn to just do what we say next time.

Oh, America! The beacon of freedom! The home of brave! Oh, the land of the free!

Let's just be honest and finish the statement.
The land of the free, so long as you do and don't do whatever the hell we say. If a politician runs against us, he won't do shit, because politicians aren't elected off of their courage and intelligence. They're elected because of the color of their party, or how well they smile at the camera. They purpose isn't to get issues right, it's to get votes. And it isn't their fault, that's how the voters like it. Welcome to the sinking ship, S.S.Democracy. Instead of being the slave to a tyrant, you're the slave to a bunch of tyrants, the majority of your neighbors. Ladies and gentlemen, Democracy, when relating to civil rights, is in no way, shape, or form, freedom. It never has been, and it never will be. You can only use Democracy for election of leaders, and that's it. If you use it for anything else, you are guilty of argumentum ad numerum, and, unless the majority is right (or lucky), you're guilty of attacking freedom.

Sorry... I went off on a rant there... Prostitution was today's subject, prostitution.

You have the right to do anything so long as it does not harm anyone else. I've said it since I was, what? Six? I knew more about freedom than all of the politician's combined before I could even grow facial hair. They don't even know the damn definition.
You have the right to do anything so long as you are not forcing anything on or from anyone else. So long as you are not attacking another freedom. Your freedom only ends where another's begins. That's it!

So how is prostitution wrong? At all? Give me one solid argument. It's their body, it's their consent, ergo; they can do it! No freedom loving, or freedom accepting human would have any issue with that. Only a freedom individual would. If you say you are against prostitution and you love freedom, you are lying. You do not love liberty at all. You like tyranny. You're participating in it! You are one of the bad guys, sorry to disappoint. But reality check, you're forcing your choices on someone else, that's all there is to it.

But doesn't prostitution lead to people like the Green River Killer?
It sure does, because you made it illegal you moron!

If prostitution was legal, we would have placed you could go to get some. They would have protection. They would have no problem calling the police. There would be no violence. We'd have STD protection readily available, and check the women monthly or something. Not to mention have checks on the clients before the sex. They should have the right to turn down any client. We would have a clean place, a safe place, and most of all, a free country.

And in Nevada we literally do have places like this, and they are as I describe, and they work perfectly. They're clean, they're safe, they're free, and they're sexy. What. Is. Wrong. With. You?

You insist on attacking liberty.
You insist on making prostitution vastly more dangerous in every level imaginable.
You insist on making choices on others.

If you ever voted against prostitution, you belong in jail in place of those innocents. You attacked someone's liberty. They attacked nothing.

I'll add this part in edit, before I post another blog.
Aparently someone named "Mike" brings up the concern of women being sold into prostitution.
He says this number will go up if it is legalized.
He's wrong.

First off, however, if selling someone into prostitution is the problem, then just make that illegal. There is no need to illegalize prostitution, just illegalize slavery. It already is, but whatever.

Second of all, the number of people sold into prostitution would not increase, it would decrease.

I have said to Mike:

"You will actually tell me, as an intelligent human being, that legalizing this will cause more problems? Explain it to me.

People sell their daughters and maybe even sons... Which is against the law, and should remain so... But you are saying this number would increase?

People would go to Bardelos to get what they want. Places with police protection. Places with STD tests. Places of hospitality, background checks, ect. Places that won't hire children or purchase women.

All these bastards who try to sell women would be out of business, my friend. People wouldn't get the untested ones on the street over the legal Bordello ones. People wouldn't have to appeal to the dark side of street life, like the had to do in order to get alcohol in the prohibition era. When it was legalized the street crime control over alcohol vanished.

Not only would the number of women sold into prostitution go down, but it'll probably completely dissapear.

So I must ask you...

Why do you insist on keeping it so people can profit from selling human beings? Why do you want this to happen? Why do you want to keep prostitution in the hand of the pimps and criminals? Why do you want them to continue profiting from selling women? You're obviously fighting for it."

Samuel Thomas Poling, Blog 125, Prostitution