Privacy Policy

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It just occured to us that this page is kind of important. We at ANTItheist (and the entire network) don't even think about invading or exploiting people's privacy so privacy policies sort of slip our minds. Nevetheless, a member has pointed out that we should be transparent about our intetions regardless of our motivation, so here it is:

We at and all of our network member sites will NEVER sell or otherwise whore out your email address or any of your private information to anyone, ever. We will NEVER use your information in any fashion really, except to send you content that you have explicitly requested yourself (ie, if you sign up for our newsletter, subscribe to a "node," or request your password be reset because you forgot it).

We are not in this to make money (note: there are no paid advertisements on this site. I hate ads so much, that I'd rather not make any money than subject anyone to them--most especially my rational brethren). We just want to cure people of irrational theism.

However (wink wink), if you really want to help support this site and our network sites, then buy a DoubleDoh Shirt, subscribe to the The Rational Response Squad shows, or even better, help a friend of yours abandom religious insanity and become an ANTItheist (and then have HIM buy a DoubleDoh shirt).

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