Poem Presenation by Atheist Al Brenner (theists watch this)

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GREAT poem presentation from Al Brenner
21 minutes. THEISTS... Watch this!!! - PLEASE!

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I wanted to stand up and

I wanted to stand up and clap at the end of that, and I did, and I'm sitting here alone at 2:00AM in front of my computer.

I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world. - Richard Dawkins

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Bloody Brilliant

I Must Say That Was Extremely Entertaining, And I Also Stood Up And Applauded, 0nly Mine Was At 5:00am

 i was there, when he

 i was there, when he presented his speech, i am 15 now.

its breath taking the meaning, so deep and profound. it cuts to the core. 

the applause lasted for a long time, i am applauding right now just as you are.


Thank you Al

hope to see you at christmas

I felt like screaming YEAH!!!

That was such a Great Poem , I did the same thing ,but it's 3 am. Where can I get a copy of that poem ? I would  stick  it  on  the  car  windows  of a  few  of  my  neighbor's, who  consider  themselves  supreme,because they  wear a cross,or go too church  to  listen too some  IDIOt  explain  the facts of life.


Signature ? How ?

AMEN - Thanks so much very

AMEN - Thanks so very much RRS.

An atheist preacher mentioning the wise words of C B J , with a guitar too. Just as I am trying to be a better atheist preacher guitarist , as mom wished of me 40 yrs ago! Great lesson ! Love that atheist sermon by cool Al Brenner.

Yeah, what would the atheist JESUS do !  What does the xain jesus idol worshipers of Paul do !  ????  

Crazy ridiculous blind evil god inventors and sheep of dogma must be stopped. Heal them with communication. All is ONE. Love is our LAW, so broken ..... ( sigh )

I must include, to that cool atheist preaching lesson,

3 mins from atheist Carl Sagan,
   "Pale Blue Dot"  , 3 min

And an 8 min poem from an Atheist Angel !
   "Wisdom of the Buddha"   

   Thanks for being ATHEISTS          RRS, please thank brother  Al  for me .....