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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know by now that last week we were hit with an intense DDoS attack.  I've created a fundraiser so that you can send hackers (likely religious) a message: Your attacks on RRS, Celebatheists, AtheismUnited and the other atheist sites we manage only serve to make us stronger.  

We incurred costs to mitigate the effects of a DDoS attack however there is more we can do.  Please show me that you have my back and chip in a few dollars.  It's the first time I've asked in 2 or 3 years.  

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I can't make any guarantees

I can't make any guarantees because I'm not exactly well off, but I will if I can. However, I don't and refuse to use paypal because they are criminals, and have never heard of the other service. If you pm me an email address I can see about sending you $ directly from my bank account.
Of course that's assuming I have anything, but I should be able to at least scrape up $5 or so. Canadian, of course.

Enlightened Atheist, Gaming God.

 Vastet,I appreciate the


I appreciate the offer but you sound like you need it more than I do.  Let's avoid the hassle, and you use it for dinner.  Eye-wink


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I'll do my best to squeeze a

I'll do my best to squeeze a little more out of my paychecks to you. I'm usually tight because I've been trying to save up for a major repair on my house and also pay off one of my debts to the bank. It might not be this month, but I'll get you something extra.