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This man and his family wanted a grill really bad.

It was the man's birthday, so his wife decided to buy one for him, pay extra to have it assembled for them and that same day, they would have a barbeque party with all of his friends and family.

They ordered the grill from Sears, and were told that it would be assembeled for them. When it arrived at their house, everything was together except for the gas tube leading to the grill, it wasn't connected to the grill. They gave him an instruction booklit with diagrams and briefly explained how to connect the two.

He tried connecting them while his wife and kids got the dinner ready. He tried and tried, but couldn't. He had read in the manual that the gas was toxic and deadly, and he'd been warned here and there not to breath in the stuff because it could kill him. He had been told that naturally, the gas was odourless, but that they added a smell so that when there was a leak, we could smell it.

His lungs started to hurt and he felt he couldn't breathe, so he'd work on the grill for 3 minutes, walk 20 m. away from the grill, take a deep breath of fresh air and go back to the grill and work again.

In the end, he couldn't fix it. They called Sears and explained everything, and also mentioned that he felt really dizzy and had a huge headache.

Sears said that their grills come with gas tanks, but empty gas tanks. His grill had an empty gas tank.

You figure out the rest.

"Mere imagination can kill you"


Well. If people pray and believe there is a god out there, when something turns out right and makes people happy, they believe it was their god that made that happen.

That guy felt like he couldn't breathe because *the gas in the tank entered his lungs* but there WAS no gas, it was his imagination.

I think the reason religion is so famous today, that so many people have faith or w/e, is because of our imagination. I also believe that nothing is real, just a figmant of our imagination.

They might think that the reason something goes wrong in their lives is because of the bad things they've done, when it's just because of their own simple mistakes.

Like, say a father hits his child and feels bad afterwards.

The next day, he loses his job because he was late for the 4th time. Is it because he hit his child or because he was late?

I'm just babbling nonsense because I forgot what I was going to talk about.

this place is the best.

The power of the mind is

The power of the mind is amazing. I've always said it: Theists are just lieing to themselves. Anyone with half a brain knows that religion is bullshit. And yet they still believe. It's sad.

Wilson: "We were afraid that if you found out you solved a case with absolutely no medical evidence you'd think you were God." House: "God doesn't limp."

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It is the power of feelings.

It is the power of feelings. You guys are up against feelings.

Religion feels good to religionist. Only the lucky escape that trap.

The intelligent never fell for it to begin with.

And then there are the ones who were not brainwashed to feel it is true. It is feeling.

I think it is an emotional handicap more than anything in my opinion.

In some ways I am still an emotional cripple.

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The Law of Causation...

As soon I saw the title of this blog I immediately thought of David Hume, and what do you know? He totally applies to this situation. David Hume wrote about something called the Law of Causation, where adults have grown accustomed to expectations of habit. Just because one event follows another does not mean the second event was caused by the former. Dropping a ball on the ground one time does not mean that every time you let go of a ball that it will fall on the floor. It merely means that you think you know it will fall only because you have experienced it falling several times. However, that does not mean that it cannot one day stay in the air. Just because you haven't experienced it doesn't mean it can't occur. Ah, but if your subconscious is delusional enough you can unintentionally will yourself into experiencing the event that you assume will happen exactly as it has in the past; hence the man feels he is inhaling the poisonous gas that isn't there. Although, it wasn't investigated whether he was merely having a headache at that time or if there was some other factor that coincidentally occurred as he was fiddling with the contraption.

"God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed Him." Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche
"And He shall remain in His defiled sepulchre as long as humankind retains the ability to comprehend reason and logic." Kenny Rivera Torres