Odds on Armageddon

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*note to my readers: I have attempted to extricate myself from my usual fare of anti-judaic religious ranting...unsucessfully. If you are sick of my brow-beating, I am truely sorry that I am giving you more of the same bullshit in a different package. Unfortunately, since I have started my war on faith, and, more relevantly, my blog, religious belief has yet to take notice of my very valid, pro-human points and has yet to completely dissolve. Untill there is a more immediate threat to the continued existance, progress, and prosperity of humanity, expect MORE OF THE SAME OUT OF ME. That being said, here is my latest plea to the religious community that CONTROLLS our government and society through IRRATIONAL FEAR, BELIEF, AND FASCISM. Lack of God, help us all. --Louis.

I am totally taking bets on armageddon.

While George Bush, a born-again christian, and the Ayatollahs of the Muslim world are doing EVERYTHING that they can to expedite the end of the world with nuclear posturing and religious war, I still have faith in humanity, and am a staunch believer in the persistance of the human race...I give 100 to 1 odds that the proverbial 'end of the world' is still at least a century off.

Your god, whether he exists or not, is going to destroy the world unless we destroy him first. Judaic religion (christianity, islam, judaism) is the LARGEST threat to the future and progress of humanity in existance...why not abandon your superstitious beliefs for the sake of human kind? It is a noble thing to do, and if everyone would agree to it, there would be no more 'war on terror'...anyways, that is like declaring 'war on jealosy' or 'war on drugs' -- it is futile.

Please, save the 2/3 of humanity which your god created to burn in hell anyways (non-christians) and relinquish your beliefs...they aren't based on any real evidence, and only serve to hold the progress of society back into a perpetual dark age...I beg you, heed your rational mind and give up your childish pipe-dream of the 'big daddy in the sky that cares what I do'...it only serves to make you immoral and justified in the commiting of atrocities -- look at Bin-Laden, or Hitler, or Columbus, or Pope Innocent (started the crusades, which have directly led to the current war), or any other religious zealot. What good has chrisitanity done for human kind in the last 2000 years? Science has done far more, and needs no god to do it...

For the sake of our children, reject irrational, nonsensical beliefs based upon nothing more that wishes, feelings, and a 2ooo year old book that obviously contradicts actual historical evidence. Your god Yaweh is an evil tyrant, who slaughters innocent babies to prove his points, and demands absolute adherence to rules that he himself does not follow -- what kind of 'just and compassionate god' does that?

Pax Sapiens,

Are you addressing this to

Are you addressing this to Christians too?  If so, why?  They don't agree with Muslims either.

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Have you ever heared of the

Have you ever heared of the Iceburg model of society?


...you, Martin, are BELOW the water line.


Way to once again miss the point,