Not another Catholic Propaganda...

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It’s funny how people rely on blatant propaganda to insist something. Some even have to twist facts in order to inject to dull minds their dull ideas. Just as example, a Catholic friend of mine handed me this article from a certain Fr. Roy Cimagala. I think it’s some kind of propaganda against communism. Come on, does Cimagala have to inject atheism in his show? Or maybe, just maybe, Cimagala doesn’t even know what he’s talking about.

So let’s see what he’s up to.

According to this Cimalaga,

“It's when they are wrongly inspired, or when they overstep their limits, oversimplifying or exaggerating things, absolutizing the
relative and relativizing the absolute, that they can become bad and

History, sad to say, is full of such harmful ideologies. A product
of some questionable philosophies and ultimately of human pride and
vanity, they have proclaimed, for example, that there is no God,
that there are no spiritual, much less supernatural realities.

With the assertion that there is no God, the authors of these
ideologies make a world mainly consisting of their own selves. The
world seems to begin and end with them. In short, there is no world
outside their egos.”

Well, this happened when you look at things with a blind left eye. Do all evils in history were produce by his so-called harmful ideologies or maybe Fr. Cimalaga is trying to weep every evil things made in the name of God under the rug? Have he forgotten that history is also riddled with senseless killings in the name of the Catholic God. Hmmm…maybe priests always suffer from amnesia when we start to talk about the evil of his church. It’s really not easy to forget all the atrocities men have done with his fellow men in the name of God and Church. Let’s not get that far from our beloved Philippine Island. How many poor people suffered from the Spanish friars when these animals in robes try to steal the natives’ ancestral lands? Oh no, not only in the Philippines mind you, but there are other countries with such grim history with these Christian missionaries.

Or how about those so-called “Just Wars” as these Catholic dogs try to conceal it. Talk about word play! Does Fr. Cimalaga forget them? From the beginning of history, nation wage war against nation in the belief that a certain god commanded them. And Fr. Cimalaga accused secular ideologies as just mere “egos”? How about these priests, bishops and cardinals who allow their soldiers to fight in the name of their God to conquer and evangelized those they consider as pagans and infidels? Is that also a good sample of bloated ego?

“If there is no God, the understanding of what
man is gets warped, the use of power and authority can be easily
abused, prone to use force.”

Come on Fr. Cimalaga, what about belief in a God, does it change everything? For half our lifetime humans have believe in a god, but does this belief stop famines, war and the worst of human nature? Tell me Fr. Cimalaga, did World War 2 started on a time where no body believes in the Christian God? Boy even the Axis power, Mussolini and Hitler believe on the same god you believe.

Or how about those fly boys that drop the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, do they don’t believe in your god?

How about our government officials here in the Philippines, until now corruption eats the very moral foundation of our society but are we living in a godless society? The Philippines is known as the largest Christian nation in Asia, yet even with such a title, it never catapult us as being the most honest, hard-working, trustworthy nation in the whole region. Fr. Cimagala, all you have to do is to open your Bible and see for yourself if the belief in a God has brought man in the verge of civility. Maybe I can ask you a good question here Fr. Cimalaga. Tell me Father, have you ever heard a war fought for the sake of absentee of religious belief?

Maybe the best thing for you to do Fr. Cimalaga; before you carp those philosophies that believe in a better world without a God you should get an old postcard of New York City and meditate on the picture of the World Trade Center.

Just put this in your head, Caligula believes in the Roman gods, Hitler was a Christian, those who planned the Holocaust were Christians, Ferdinand Marcos was a Christian and Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were Islam. Have their belief in a god stop them to abuse their power and authority?

Because of these dangerous features of the Godless ideologies, we
have suffered the scourges of communism and socialism where the
rights of the individual person are swallowed by the rights of the
state. They thrive on atheism and totalitarianism.

Now here we see the real motive of Fr. Cimagala. The article has nothing to do with a critic on political ideologies, but it’s all about his short sightedness in the issue of communism and atheism. If only he will be more diligent enough to do research on the subjects he just mentions, maybe his horizon will be wider. First in Communism, the individual person is not swallowed by the right of the state, because there will be no more state to do the swallowing. Oh boy! Have Fr. Cimagala researched in this subject, he may not have made this comment in the first place. In a communist society, the state is no longer needed or better yet, “The state doesn’t exist anymore!”

Does communism thrive on atheism? This just shows Fr. Cimagala’s ignorance on both matters. Doesn’t he know that communism is about economics and atheism is about believing in a god?

Juan Dela Cruz is now suffering Fr. Cimagala, but not because of communism and socialism. Today, the Philippines is suffering to a financial crisis and we are also suffering from a political crisis and let me remind you Fr. Cimalaga, these politicians and business men are not communists nor socialists. They’re not even atheists. They are Christian believers just like you Cimalaga and I bet most of them attend the same Catholic Church where you hold your faith. Yet, like leaches and generic-altered crocodiles, these God-fearing men and women is capable to suck Juan dela Cruz dry.

Then you have the intoxicating strange blend of liberalism where,
with freedom detached from an objective universal moral law,
anything can be legalized-divorce, abortion, infidelity, same-sex
union, wild scientific experiments like cloning, test-tube babies,

Woah! Hold your horses there Fr. Cimalaga. What’s cloning and test-tube babies got to do with universal moral law? Do you label such experiment as immoral because it’s pushing your god out of the lime-light? And what about same sex marriage? Are you saying that same-sex union is immoral because it doesn’t fit the bill of your “Christian” standards? How about bigotry, slavery, deceit, sexism, genocides and intolerance? These issues have flooded the pages of your holy scripture, yet it seems you were not bothered by these actions which also detach someone from an objective moral law?

So Fr. Cimalaga I think you should discontinue the finger pointing. There is a saying here in the Philippines, “Every time a person points his finger to someone, three of his other fingers are pointing at him”. Haven’t you notice that your criticism against your so-called “god-less ideology” applies to your own God belief? The belief in a god has lured thousand to murder, injustice, intolerance, ignorance, war and deception. But someday the rational humans will unravel the sham and expose what god-belief is really all about.

The Truth is out there father,

Pinoy Atheist