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Christmas Day Rational Response Squad Broadcast

CHRISTMYASS SHOW! (because Christmas is only two letters away)

Hang out with the Rational Response Squad on Christmas day and together we'll perform a public service announcement reminding Christians that their god doesn't exist.  Come early to hang out with others and enjoy some blasphemous Christmas music.  Stay late and enjoy a presentation of The God Who Wasn't there movie.   

Christmas Day festivities begin around 1 est. 

Sapient will be live on cam from about 3pm-6pm est. 

Movie and music will follow and stay on until late at night.

Chat room: http://www.rationalresponders.com/rational_response_squad_live_chats


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Rational Response Squad Newsletter

Have you seen Kelly featured in a provocative poster created by Shevibe?

Check it out here: http://www.rationalresponders.com/poster

We're still very far behind on meeting our goal to help pay for the RRS server. Please consider a donation of any size to help us cover the excessive costs of maintaining such a large network: http://www.rationalresponders.com/Help_Pay_RRS_network_server_fees

Christian Apologetics Research Ministry founder Matt Slick appeared on the Rational Response Squad radio show about a year ago, and since that time he's spread the word about how unfair he would like you to believe his treatment was on the show, which our community has unanimously laughed at. We've decided to make this show a FREE DOWNLOAD so you can hear for yourself just how dodgy and dishonest this Christian leader can be.

Download the show free right here:


We've restructured the mod program at RRS in part to give the community a more "homey" feel, ten mods have been removed, that means less bullets to dodge, and a slightly increased freedom on the site for you. Thanks so much to the mods who have helped so much in the past:


If you have formatting issues with this email, please cut and paste what it looks like, and view the newsletter in the proper format here:

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Corrected RRS newsletter

Kelly's recent blog may be the most destructive blow dealt to Christians so far in her series, blogging for her book.

Check it out here:



As usual you are encouraged to repost and link to her material.


Join Jake Friday night for a live broadcast in stickam!


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