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Christmas Day Rational Response Squad Broadcast

CHRISTMYASS SHOW! (because Christmas is only two letters away)

Hang out with the Rational Response Squad on Christmas day and together we'll perform a public service announcement reminding Christians that their god doesn't exist.  Come early to hang out with others and enjoy some blasphemous Christmas music.  Stay late and enjoy a presentation of The God Who Wasn't there movie.   

Christmas Day festivities begin around 1 est. 

Sapient will be live on cam from about 3pm-6pm est. 

Movie and music will follow and stay on until late at night.

Chat room: http://www.rationalresponders.com/rational_response_squad_live_chats


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Rational Response Squad Newsletter

Have you seen Kelly featured in a provocative poster created by Shevibe?

Check it out here: http://www.rationalresponders.com/poster

We're still very far behind on meeting our goal to help pay for the RRS server. Please consider a donation of any size to help us cover the excessive costs of maintaining such a large network: http://www.rationalresponders.com/Help_Pay_RRS_network_server_fees

Christian Apologetics Research Ministry founder Matt Slick appeared on the Rational Response Squad radio show about a year ago, and since that time he's spread the word about how unfair he would like you to believe his treatment was on the show, which our community has unanimously laughed at. We've decided to make this show a FREE DOWNLOAD so you can hear for yourself just how dodgy and dishonest this Christian leader can be.

Download the show free right here:


We've restructured the mod program at RRS in part to give the community a more "homey" feel, ten mods have been removed, that means less bullets to dodge, and a slightly increased freedom on the site for you. Thanks so much to the mods who have helped so much in the past:


If you have formatting issues with this email, please cut and paste what it looks like, and view the newsletter in the proper format here:

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Corrected RRS newsletter

Kelly's recent blog may be the most destructive blow dealt to Christians so far in her series, blogging for her book.

Check it out here:



As usual you are encouraged to repost and link to her material.


Join Jake Friday night for a live broadcast in stickam!


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the RRS to all of you.

Big changes are currently underway at RationalResponders.com and the entire network of sites that we help maintain and service. RRS will be investing in high end expensive hardware to help run the incredibly fast growing group of sites we maintain. More details are coming soon.

You should see enhanced performace on the www.RationalResponders.com website as of right now. We hope to be around 2-4 seconds a page load by Feb 5th.

Welcome to the biggest year for RRS, so far. Eye-wink

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Want Kelly to respond to your favorite theist?


Hey folks,

I need some help finding articles to respond to for my massive blogathon (future book and movie), so if anybody sees anything that you think I should respond to, please submit it in this thread.

Types of stories I need:

  • Major print media (hopefully with an online link as well)
  • Author of article should be a well known theist, or at the minimum a frequent theist writer, preferably leaders of orgs, thinktanks, or pundits.
  • Most preferable articles are op-eds posted in papers that are likely to reprint my rebuttal. (the less conservative the publication, the better)
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Kelly shreds the arguments of the Assistant Editor of American Conservative

Have you heard about Kelly's new blog? Please get behind this project for the year... much more on the way...

Todays victim: Michael Brendan Dougherty


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Godless party this Thursday Nov 15 in NYC! (RRS, Greydon Square, and more)

DETAILS: http://www.margaretdowney.com/great_american_godout_in_nyc


The location for the party is 307 E. 53rd Street in New York City at METRO 53. Limited number of tickets available! Act now!

Doors open at 7 pm, speakers at 8 pm.

Guests include (still more celebs confirming!): The Rational Response Squad, Margaret Downey, Michael Shermer, Greydon Square, Ellen Johnson, Lori Lipman Brown, Richard Millner, Kanipchen Fit, and comedian Joe Dixon.

Reception, book signing, cd signing, party, open bar, tapas and entertainment all night long!

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RRS Website growth, some numbers to report, NYC atheist party this week!

NYC Area atheists: RRS, Greydon Square, Margaret Downey and more will be at a party waiting for you in NYC: http://www.margaretdowney.com/great_american_godout_in_nyc

PLEASE JOIN US ON DIGG.COM AND DIGG THE STORIES WE DIGG: http://www.digg.com/invitefrom/RRSwebsite
Already a member? Start Digging us now: http://digg.com/users/RRSwebsite/history/diggs
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Two weeks ago http://www.rationalresponders.com was ranked on Alexa as the 240,000th (3 month average) most popular website in the world. Today Alexa lists our 3 month average as: 200,168! Forgetting about numbers holding us down in our 3 month average...

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Faster RRS site/forums, Kelly writing a book/blog/movie (also show tonight)

The campaign to try and improve traffic on RRS is an overwhelming success. If you have firefox, and you haven't yet gotten firefox toolbar, please do so here:

We'll go live tonight to talk about recent changes to the site, how you can help us improve it, and where we are going from here. If you are an activist, and want to help, please come to the chat room by Fri 8pm est: http://www.rationalresponders.com/freethoughtmedia_chatroom

Kelly has committed to a year long campaign of exposing Christian media figures, specifically those that get room in your Sunday paper to peddle their load of ignorance and dishonesty. This is a massive undertaking considering our already existing workload and we really need your support spreading the word. Please visit her most recent two blogs and read the details at the bottom of either post. Please subcribe to her blog feed and if you have any kind of website please add some sort of RSS feed widget displaying her work.

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