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Live Rational Response Squad Show tonight!

The Rational Response Squad will go live tonight! 9 pm est Friday May 18th tune in to the Rational Response Squad by clicking one of the media player buttons in the left sidebar at: www.RationalResponders.com.

Tonight's live-in-studio show hosts include: Rook, Sapient, Kelly, Ashley (HealthyAddict - RRS Ohio), and RRS mentor Jake (www.atheistnetwork.com). We'll be fielding your questions and thoughts left and right in our stickam chatroom. Come to the video chatroom by 9pm est to watch us record the show live. Post your questions and thoughts about any issue on your mind pertaining to the Rational Response Squad in our chatroom as we record the show live and we may discuss your question. We're hoping for theist guests, so please come on out.

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Rational Response Squad on ABC today in historic discussion

The Rational Response Squad brings their "B" game and it's still an overwhelming match for the weak arguments of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron on ABC's first ever "Nightline Face-Off." We have a thread in which you can watch 13 minutes of video from us and interact with us about the video special here:

See the entire "Face-Off" at 2pm est on: http://abcnews.go.com/abcnewsnow

Make sure to check your options at the ABC website ahead of time to make sure you can log in to see it!

ABC Nightline will run a condensed version at 11:35 tonight!

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Rational Response Squad happenings


Friday, April 27th @ 9pm EST!
Show 58: Brian Colas is the Liberty University Student Body Vice President. Brian holds a 4.0 GPA at Jerry Falwells well known University.

Tune in from here: http://infidelguy.primcast.com:8313/listen.pls
MAY 5th NYC: Kelly and Sapient address the arguments of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron LIVE on ABC website. Ray says he'll prove scientifically that God exists! If you live within 30 minutes of NYC and can make the event on May 5th please respond to this email with your name, address, and screenname.

Here is a thread on our message board about it: http://tinyurl.com/2dzld9

Rational Response Squad happenings (includes YouTube ban)

Friday March 30 9pm est: Author of Atheist Universe, David Mills joins the Rational Response Squad show for the first time! Tune in from the left hand side of RationalResponders.com and join us in the stickam rooms for chat! Purchase Atheist Universe here: http://tinyurl.com/38jyhk

The owner of www.Doubledoh.com pays for all of our web hosting! It's a huge bill and his online store is finally ready for shirt purchasing. Please check out his store and make sure to log in to his website with your username and password from the Rational Response Squad website to get an extra 10% off.

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RationalResponders.com hit by a web attack!

Here is a thread on our message board where you can read the full story:

In case our website is attacked again when you try to read the information, here is the same post on Myspace:


Did you notice the issues connecting to the RRS website over the last few days? We were in fact attacked by what is referred to as a DDOS. Such action is a federal crime but due to the nature of the attack, most attackers go uncaught. We will be working with the FBI in an attempt to locate and prosecute the attackers to the fullest extent of the law. We were struck by a similar attack in The War on Easter 06. During this attack NONE of your personal information was violated.

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Atheist Blood Drive Begins!

Atheist Blood Drive begins: http://www.atheistvolunteers.org
Tonight, Friday night 9pm est: We'll host a Christian College Student on our show for discussion dealing mostly with his "testimony." Tune in from the left hand side of www.RationalResponders.com and join us in our stickam rooms for side chatter!
Automated Subscriptions FINALLY available!

Subscribe to the Rational Response Squad for as low as $3 per month and receive special privileges. Check out all the details here, please wait up to 48 hours for everything to process:

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The biggest news we've ever sent you... (RRS)

With the help of an investor who wishes to remain anonymous the Rational Response Squad is in the process of purchasing a large home to run RRS operations for the next 30 years and beyond. Satisfying a desire to help humanity overcome theism Kelly, Rook, and Sapient have committed to each other to work and live together in a single house so that we can become more efficient and more productive. Rook will be moving to full time status and while Kelly will continue to work part time, it's our goal that at some point she'll be able to work on nothing else other than Rational Response Squad related business alongside of Rook and myself. Words can't express how thankful we are to have helped start such a large, thriving, and helpful community. Although we may be at our computers a little less in the short term as we coordinate the logistics of purchasing a home, moving into it, furnishing it, and outfitting "the bunker" with the highest level of security the industry has to offer, we promise to bust our butts for you in the long term. Your continued support will become more important than ever. A special thank you to our anonymous investor, you have gone beyond the call of duty and we will be forever indebted to you for all of the help and support you are offering us, without you, this wouldn't be possible.

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Tonight on RRS Radio and new subscriber plan!

Tonight on the Rational Response Squad radio show we'll feature two songs from Greydon Square. We'll also talk to a Christian named Ray for about an hour, and receive follow ups from Todangst and Tomcat. Tune in at 9pm est in our webcam room:

For higher quality audio choose the stream options on the left hand side of:

Automated Subscriptions FINALLY available!

Subscribe to the Rational Response Squad for as low as $3 per month and receive special privileges. Check out all the details here, please wait up to 48 hours for everything to process:

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All the details for our recording weekend are on our homepage:


Notable guests include:
Ergun Caner, President Liberty University LIVE tonight!

Saturday: Hemant Mehta, David Mills, Robert Price, and The Bad Astronomer, Vice President of Liberty U Student Body


Rational Response Squad Gear is still on sale!

Rational Response Squad SALE, and win $500!

SPECIAL SALE ON RATIONAL SHIRTS AND GEAR We're currently working on enhancing the Rational Response Squad CafePress store and while we do it we're selling everything at the least expensive levels we ever intend to sell them at! This sale will only last for several weeks, we will give you another warning when the store is finished and the sale will end one week later. This is your chance to pick up RRS related gear very inexpensively! RRS T-Shirts as cheap as $10! Pick up Atheist Volunteers gear and wear it on May 3rd when we hold an International Blood Drive on the National Day of Prayer. While theists engage in a completely worthless act other than to reinforce their own self delusions, we'll be engaging in an act that we can prove through science will actually benefit the world.

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