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Rational Response Squad suspended from youtube

Please check out the homepage once again for updates on Operation Spread Eagle....


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See these applicable threads for Operation Spread Eagle:

If you only read one post about this issue make make it this one!

Open letter to Youtube from Brian Sapient. Pass this video on

Post your youtube censorship or copyright infringement stories here. (also how to do a counter notice).

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Rational Response Squad Newsletter

Major computer problems currently. Visit us in our conference room while our audio is down. NO SHOW FRIDAY SEPT 7th.

Comedy Jesus on tour, currently in Philadelphia!

(Jesus will be spending the night at the RRS house on Saturday)

Miss Teen South Carolina + The Funniest Video of the Year (everywhere like such as maps)

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Rational Response Squad to debunk Creationism Musuem

The new RRS newsletter continues to be published on a frequent basis. Here is an important story from the most recent newsletter:


Ashley (a.k.a. Healthy Addict) of RRS Ohio is leading a project to debunk the claims put forth by the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Several other local affiliate heads have signed on to help her in scientificaly refuting each and every claim put forth by the "Museum". The cooperative affiliate heads are, Zombie of RRS Ontario, Bumbklaatt of RRS Colorado, Lunar Shadow of RRS Northern California, Voiderest of RRS Texas, Will Power of RRS Alabama, and myself, Jack of RRS Michigan. This project is still in it's infancy, so more news as it developes. If you would like to assist us in our efforts, contact one of us, Voiderest and myself are regulars here on this site, and the others can be found in the affiliate section HERE , or by clicking their names above. The ultimate goal is to have the resulting material presentable and coherent in a format for tours of the "Museum" for children, to point out to them why all the claims put forth by AIG are horribly inaccurate in any kind of scientific context.

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Smallkowski family victim of atheist hate crime? (RRS Newsletter)

We've covered the Smallkowski family story here before. Nicole Smallkowski refused to say a prayer at her high school basketball game and instead recited a godless version of our Pledge of Allegiance. Nicole was kicked out of school soon after. The battle hasn't been an easy one. They've been threatened and told to leave town a great many times... they wont give up.

Was the fire at their property this weekend a maliciously planned attack? If so, are the police involved? Considering their role in the Smallkowski federal hearing, it's not off the wall to suspect our most paranoid and worst fears.

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Tonight (Friday) on Rational Response Squad

Tonight we'll host real life Doogie Howser, Eugene Volokh on the show. Tonight we let you behind closed doors to learn about a very personal and private issue to us. Unfortunately we have little choice but to speak out publicly now to raise awareness for this extremely sensitive atheist issue. Join us tonight when we record at 6pm est, or join us again at 8pm est for a re-airing of our conversation.

Brian Trent will also join us tonight to cover current events.


To learn more about tonights topic with Eugene Volokh, view this thread:


We have a new newsletter format, please review our newsletter section often, it will be updated several times a week with everything you need to know about RRS. All of the important RRS updates and news will be in this newsletter from now on.

Here are two newsletters from this week:



Access all newsletters here: http://www.rationalresponders.com/the_new_rrs_newsletter_by_hellfiend

This is the best way to stay up to date on the RRS.


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Join us in our chatroom 24/7 now.

We'll be making an attempt to keep our webcam chat room open 24/7. Come for live conversation and impromptu shows. We now record material on a daily basis and sometimes within minutes of being alerted to irrational emergencies. Since Kelly, Sapient, and Rook have all moved in together, response time to emergencies has been reduced ten fold. This week alone we've recorded 8 hours of material... LIVE and UNCUT available soon for download to all paying subscribers. This new show style allows us to be more relevant about current events, which has led us to focus on the movie SICKO over the last week. Join our chat room on most evenings for live exchanges. We now are able to integrate more of our listeners in to the show, so if you'd like to be on the show to discuss any issue at all, just wait for us to be live and ask if we have the time. We are always ready to press the record button. If you have a story about health care (positive OR negative), please visit our chat room soon. We'll be live this Friday with discussion at 9 pm est.

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Today's RRS show is a free download

Look on the left hand sidebar of www.rationalresponders.com to download tonights episode of The Rational Response Squad for free. Todays guest is Martin Walker who wrote a book attempting to answer the question "why do we exist?"

Rook Hawkins will be hanging out in our private webcam room to chat with people and have a get together in lieu of listening to the show. The fun begins around 9 pm est Friday night when the show would normally air.

Webcam Room: http://www.rationalresponders.com/rrs_webcam_room

Subscribe to any package and get next weeks show unedited right now: http://www.rationalresponders.com/monthly_subscriptions

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Rational Response Squad Academy begins!

The Rational Response Squad has officially started its leap into a new frontier: The Rational Response Squad Academy.

A project the RRS heads have been working on for a long time, the idea is to have free classes given by experts in all sorts of fields. From physics, biology and chemistry, to history and bible courses, even psychology and logic classes. These courses are designed to be on college level. For the time being all of these courses will be free of charge, and open to everyone. We are able to spend this time giving back as a result of your financial assistance. If you are able to subscribe, please do so. If we get overcrowded classes, we may need to limit it to only subscribers. Classes will be held in a stickam.com video room.

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